We had chat with Ea Kaya about her new single “Dont Complicate It.

Ea Kaya, the Danish, straight talking, new wave pop star is reaching higher levels of success every day. She has recently released her single, Don’t Complicate It after already capturing people’s hearts and ears with Tied Up.

 The 22 year old artist takes her real life experiences and wraps them with sounds of electronic melodies with hints of the 80s and tops it with attitude.

 Before she really sets off her career with her first ever TV performance, we caught up with her to see how it’s all going in the world of Ea Kaya.

 After don’t complicate it came out one month ago, what’s been going on?
I released a video for the song and I’ve had some really cool radio spins – especially in Australia, which I find extremely rad. I’ve also gotten quite a lot of features in many of my favorite magazines and blogs… I’ve been to the UK to play a showcase and now I’ve almost finished up a bundle of new songs that are hitting you very soon!

Where did the inspiration for ‘Don’t Complicate It’ come from?
I had been seeing a guy for a good while, and as it always is, one caught the feels. Lucky me. I tried to hint whether the two of us were going anywhere, but he always avoided my questions. I already knew the answer though, and even if he said what I wanted to hear, I knew it would be a lie.

What’s your biggest achievement in the music industry so far?
Earning recognition abroad. I’ve never strived to succeed within the borders – I’ve always wanted to reach an audience outside of Denmark. I was extremely proud when I signed with my Danish label No3, as it was where I wanted to be signed. But looking at the bigger picture, I’m definitely flattered that people think my music has potential to compete with established, global artists. When I’d only released one song, I’d already gotten the interest of big powers in the music industry and tastemakers online as well, I guess that’s definitely a sign that I’m doing something right. I’m really honored that my music has attracted heat already.

Ea Kaya Metallic trench coat & hooded top by Boo Pala, Track pants by Airfield & Trainers by Ash

How did you get in to it?
It took a damn long time! I didn’t know anybody at all in the industry when I started out, so there were no random magical handshakes with the right people at the right party, haha. When I finally began having a network and earning recognition, I’d been sending around demos for a good while the old-fashioned way. That’s how I got in contact with the producer I wrote “Don’t Complicate It” with actually, and shortly after writing that song I had a record deal in my hands.

Where do you find inspiration to write your own songs?
When I was in my early teens, I played a whole lot of covers of other people’s songs. I posted some of them online and earned a little fan base, but after a while I got bored and started experimenting myself. Finding out how to play all of those hit songs taught me a thing or two about composition, rhythm, chords and lyrics, and I’m know that it created the base for my own songwriting.

What genre would you consider yourself?
I’m a singer/songwriter wrapped up in electronic pop!

What’s your experience been like getting bigger, since starting out on YouTube?
I don’t feel that YouTube really had anything to do with my career as Ea Kaya. It taught me a lot about songwriting, social media and building a brand, but I didn’t cultivate my original music on there. I was just a cute kid singing my favorite songs. I stopped doing YouTube for good in high school, and after graduating I focused all of my energy on my artist career – that’s when it got serious.

Ea Kaya wears: Red puff jacket by Airfield, Green stripe track top & track pants by Marc Cain & Trainers by Ash

Does it ever get difficult, being in the music industry from such a young age?
The internet has no mercy, so it did hurt a bit in the beginning when I got nasty comments online. Especially YouTube, it’s full of bored kids or just brutally honest people, but I quickly learned to laugh about it.

As long as I’ve got people who enjoy what I do, I’ll keep on doing it. If you stand for something, there will always be someone who’s ready to criticize you. And well, at times you simply just suck and that’s the reality.

What’s your ultimate goal in music?
Being able to make a living solely by creating music I love.

What plans have you got for the future?
I can’t say much yet, but next year I’ll be releasing a whole lot of new music. Right after that, I’ll be having my first TV performance. That’s literally the first month of 2019, so I honestly can’t wait to see what the rest of the year’s got in store!

Ea Kaya wears Red puff jacket by Airfield

Kaya Photographer: Liam Arthur

Stylist: Alice Timms

Make up: Sophie Moore

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