Riding high on the triumph of his latest single, “Control Your Mind,” Waiting for Smith emerges once again with his much-anticipated release, “Let Light In.” Fronted by the gifted singer-songwriter Harry Lloyd and expertly guided by the creative prowess of producer Danton Supple, this revered indie-folk endeavour is set to grace the airwaves on Friday, 28th July. With its enthralling and emotive composition, “Let Light In” promises to be a poignant and soul-stirring addition to Waiting For Smith’s ever-expanding discography.

“Let Light In” stands as a testament to Lloyd’s unmistakable musicality and remarkable songwriting prowess. Seamlessly interweaving heartfelt lyrics with mellifluous instrumentals, the single takes listeners on an uplifting and introspective journey centered around embracing love and illumination. Enhancing the song’s resonance is a captivating choir rendition from Iowa, a township in South Africa, infusing the track with a sublime beauty that accentuates Lloyd’s signature sound—a sound that has wielded considerable influence within the folk-pop realm and has garnered them a dedicated global following. 

Lloyd, shares his inspiration behind “Let Light In”: “The message is clear and simple “That weather it gets better if you let her, if you Let Light In. Meaning find the things in your life that bring you joy and keep doing them, the things that bring you down remove them.”

“Let Light In” comes at an opportune time, offering solace and encouragement to those who have faced challenges over the past few years. In these uncertain times, the song’s soothing melody and uplifting lyrics serve as a comforting embrace, reminding us that even in the darkest moments, there’s a glimmer of light waiting to be embraced. Lloyd’s unwavering dedication to producing genuine and meaningful music shines through in every note of “Let Light In.”

“I believe contentment, joy, gratitude & appreciation are all muscles,” says Lloyd. “When you strengthen and practise any of these emotions, you only grow and invite more of them into your life. We can all find ways to invite more of the joyous frequencies into our life, becoming more content & grateful and thereby attracting more of it”

Waiting For Smith has achieved remarkable success, amassing over 3.5 million streams on Spotify, garnering 100K YouTube views, and attracting a dedicated following of 20K on Facebook, with nearly 100K Shazams to date. Notably, his music has resonated with audiences globally, securing radio play on more than 180 stations across the world. Esteemed broadcasters such as Huw Stephens on Radio 1, Dermot O’Leary and Jo Whiley on Radio 2, Tom Robinson on 6 Music, Maz Tappuni on Radio X, as well as Flux FM in Germany, Radio One in India, and Radio Doble Nueve in Lima have all showcased their music, among many others.

The impact of Waiting For Smith’s music has garnered widespread attention, with features in renowned publications such as British GQ, Rolling Stone India, MTV Germany, Clash Magazine, Earmilk, and Holland’s JFK Magazine. His mission remains unwavering – to inundate the world with unforgettable melodies that carry a much-needed message of positivity, touching the hearts of listeners everywhere.

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