Waiting For Smith Embraces Finding True Authenticity In Latest Single “Raised Up” Ahead Of Forthcoming Album

Following on from the rejuvenating release of Small Things”, Waiting For Smith continues to ignite his spiritual journey with his latest captivating single, “Raised Up”, set to feature on his forthcoming album. Acting as a release that is set to unlock our true selves, “Raised Up” is a pause amidst the chaos of our lives. 

Let’s face it, our everyday lives can sometimes be overridden with an overwhelming feeling that we can’t always shake off. Recognising the chaos of modern-day life, Waiting For Smith is encouraging his listeners to push aside the everyday distractions and worries for a moment of realignment. Pushing our egos and limitations to the side, “Raised Up” is a track that brings us together in a judgement free space. Set against a mellow acoustic production courtesy of Danton Supple (Coldplay, Elbow, Patti Smith), Waiting For Smith’s crisp vocals and captivating lyrics cut seamlessly through the percussive backdrop, sitting at the forefront of the track.

When asked about the inspiration behind the single, Waiting For Smith explained, “Raised Up is a ceremonial song, an ancient idea of gathering together round a fire to eat, laugh, rejoice and share medicine. It’s a song that connects the listener to the idea of an alternative reality. A more conscious life, where we Raise Up to our greatest potential, free of the ego , our limitations for even a just moment we realise that we allow our stories to define who we are and what we become. But we always have a choice to make. Do we decide to stay stuck in our unhappiness, choosing  to distract our minds continuously with sugars & social media or we commit a more conscious moment , to make a firm decision to become who we truly are: free, light, joyous beings, doing what we love,  living with our open hearts full of kindness. Where we feel a  connection to all living things. I believe we don’t need to be unhappy. We can find our joy – but we must decide to do it.” 

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