Video: Alexandra Shulman speaks exclusively to Pure London ahead of keynote talk

Ahead of her keynote delivery at Pure London next month, British Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Alexandra

Shulman has shared snippets of her views on the fashion industry. Filmed exclusively for Pure

London from her frequented residence at Vogue House, Shulman voiced her thoughts on high-street

and luxury retail, what to gain from networking opportunities, and the fast-evolving fashion

marketplace in the Far East.

Another topic of interest was that of independent retailers, who account for almost 80% of Pure

London’s audience each season, acting as a real driving force behind the show. According to

Shulman, their significance within the wider fashion industry should not be overlooked. She

commented; “If fashion is going to survive and thrive, independent fashion retailers are incredibly

important. They have a bredth of vision. You get more diversity, and the idea of individuality is very

very important.”

When it comes to the driving force behind consumers, Shulman states that there is no difference

between the motivations of high-street consumers and luxury consumers. “They want value for

money, they want an enjoyable experience – whether that be online or offline – and they want a

feeling of pleasure from the purchase. [As a retailer] that feeling of making sure that the customer

feels like you value that connection is very important at every end of the market.”

As for the future of fashion, it is the new and fast-growing market in the Far East that is

“unquestionably the next big thing in fashion”. Shulman adds, “At the moment, there’s a lack of

confidence in the East in what their brands actually represent, but I reckon in another 10 years that

will have changed.”

Though details of Shulman’s keynote talk will remain disclosed until the event, the renowned

industry figurehead is expected to share incredible insight from her 25 years at the forefront of the

UK’s leading fashion magazine. “I’d like to share a bit of the industry from my point of view and

those of us who work in Vogue. It’s quite helpful to know the way that we think, which might not

always be the way that you think we think.”

All will be revealed on Sunday 12th February at 15.20 on the Main Stage Catwalk at Pure London. For

more information and to register to attend, visit

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