Upcycled & Exclusive Fashion – One Memoir

One Memoir is a sustainable fashion company based in Edinburgh run by two graduates from the University of Edinburgh Business School, Justus Delp and Shelly-Ann Gajadhar. Hailing from opposite parts of the world, Justus from Germany and Shelly-Ann from Trinidad and Tobago, they decided to create a fashion brand that was sustainable and unique. To do this, they opted to centre their brand One Memoir on the concept of upcycled fashion.

So what is upcycling? The Ethical Fashion Forum defines upcycling as the process of converting waste material or useless products into materials or products of higher quality or value. Using pre-loved items, One Memoir provides upcoming designers in developing countries with the opportunity to convert these pieces into upcycled women’s jackets. Currently their first line of jackets will be carried out with the help of Caribbean designers, merging Caribbean fashion with UK fashion; a collaboration that was facilitated by fashion organisation, Fashion Focus Trinidad and Tobago.

Since launching in 2015, One Memoir has pursued a vision of changing the clothing industry towards a process of slow and sustainable fashion. By raising the awareness of sustainability and supporting emerging designers with creative talent, One Memoir provides exclusive one of a kind fashion in a sustainable manner.  The company is the first to introduce upcycled fashion to the Caribbean island that suffers from inefficient waste disposal systems.  As reflected in One Memoir’s slogan ‘where creativity meets opportunity’, a key aim is to provide opportunities for upcoming designers and deliver a more transparent customer experience tackling mass production, textile waste and poor working conditions that characterise the fast fashion industry.  Every week they showcase the work of their featured designers and inform consumers of the story of upcycling including the design process along the way.

And why the name One Memoir you might be wondering? A memoir is a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge. Each pre-loved clothing item has a unique history telling a story of emotions and past experiences, which the One Memoir team wants to preserve and share through their jackets. So to does an emerging designer who has dedicated their passion for fashion and wants to share their story with the consumer. By combining the memoir of a pre-loved jacket with the memoir of a designer through the upcycling process something beautiful is created. One aesthetic, which combines the voices of many into one. One Memoir, is capturing the emotions and passions regardless of distance, time or circumstances. This Memoir breaks the wall between the consumer and the designer and tells the true story of fashion with a soul.

If you’d like to learn more and get your hands on One Memoir’s summer collection 2016 visit their website and subscribe to their mailing list.  You can also like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and Instagram as well as Snapchat to get exclusive insights behind the scenes; onememoir.

We look forward to seeing their finished line in the upcoming weeks.

Upcycled & Exclusive Fashion – One Memoir

Co-Founder of One Memoir Justus Delp, former graduate from University of Edinburgh

Upcycled & Exclusive Fashion – One Memoir

Co-Founder of One Memoir Shelly-Ann, former graduate from University of Edinburgh

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