Unusual Demont releases new music “Vanta”

A new artist to take note of here in Unusual Demont, who has wowed us with his new single ‘Vanta’. A rousing genre-free cut, the track sees Demont’s stand out vocals shine atop production from The Idiot. While a new name to use, a quick google informs us that Demont is already creating quite the name for himself. With plaudits from Zane Lowe, lots of cool publications and millions of streams, the future certainly looks bright. Speaking on the release, he explains ;

“Vanta is interesting cause I wrote and record it in one night. Not only that, but I wrote it from the perspective of my most recent ex at the time. I named it Vanta (the deepest hue of black) from the really angry, punk, almost grungy, energy the song gives. A feeling you could argue perfectly mirrors a rough break up. I worked on this one with Kieran (The Idiot) and it was a perfect match to bring in that wild angry energy with a nice melody behind it. From a sonic stand point, I’m beyond excited to share this song and continue the pattern of switching up my style. For the visual element, Nicole Blue and I made an amazing video that’s just me and my homies in a band raging in LA – and I think that fits the vibe perfect.” 

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