Toronto firecracker renforshort drops a new single ‘Mosh Pit’

Canadian up and comer renforshort enters 2022 with stunning new single, Mosh Pit. Co-produced by artist/ hitmaker Alexander23 and Jeff Hazin, the track is vibrant grunge pop cut showcasing the unique style that has quickly seen the 19 year old pick up a big global following. Speaking on the release, ren states:
“moshpit was a super interesting experience overall. jeff alexander and I started the song on a day that I was not feeling too hot, both physically (i was extremely ill) and mentally. I was really overwhelmed with life in general at this point, I was overwhelmed with the industry, finding a place to live, making friends, and my love life lol. i was not happy. so we wrote the song and I went home and called jeff to tell him how unhappy I was, basically, I was so overwhelmed with life I wanted it to end. jeff helped me out and I totally forgot about the song until my a&r Danny and manager Riley hit me up to tell me basically it was a smash. I couldn’t really understand cause I think i was so jaded by my emotions and i couldn’t really feel anything. but they were right. when I was out of this rut I heard it and we got back in the studio all of us and basically fucked around the whole session. alexander was eating jars of peanut butter by the spoonful and jeff was losing his mind over the number of times we had to work on the production of this song. it was basically haunting us all. so we completely reproduced it and did this time and time again until we eventually landed on version 10,001 (a joke but it felt like the 10,001 draft) and here we are today. it’s out in the world and I couldn’t not be more happy. this song feels very unique in the writing, it’s an interesting analogy especially with the juxtaposition of the track being poppy and soft (rather than what you’d imagine a song called moshpit would sound like) it’s about an annoying relationship where ur treated like garbage and just keep trying to get out but you don’t wanna risk hurting the other person feelings. so yeah that’s the making of moshpit!”

Closing out 2021 on tour with YUNGBLUD, we’re looking forward to seeing what renforshort does this year!

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