Toronto-based newcomer Cam Kahin release his new EP, “WHEN IT’S ALL OVER” 

Set to make his UK debut at The Great Escape this year, 20 year old Toronto based newcomer Cam Kahin is set to release his new EP, WHEN IT’S ALL OVER on April 6th. A body of work packed with fiery indie and post punk, the EP  serves as a welcome introduction to an artist picking up buzz over the past few months.  Speaking on the EP, Cam states: 

When I was making this EP, I was going through massive amounts of change. I wanted to make a body of work that reflected that change by stepping out of my comfort zone sonically and writing honestly about the side effects of getting older. When I’ve been at my lowest, I’ve looked to artists who write honestly and I hope to have that effect on my fans and listeners. My wish is for people to find comfort in these songs.

For the best listening experience, smoke some weed with your friends and listen to it in a 2006 Nissan Altima. Enjoy

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