Today’s Wildest Men’s Fashion Jeans Ruling the Runway

If you’re passionate about trendy men’s fashion, you probably keep up with the latest runway styles so your wardrobe looks on point 24/7. It’s nearly impossible to predict what’s going to pop up in upcoming fashion shows, even with the most up-to-date trend forecasting software. But more often than not, today’s stylish menswear designs get more extravagant every season, especially when it comes to mens fashion jeans. As basic as jeans might seem, the innovation around transforming mens designer jeans into a next-level garment just never ends. The glorious world of men’s fashion is constantly making room for wild designs that keep us all on our toes for the next highly anticipated “it” piece. 

Curious to know what’s next for trendy mens jeans? Here are some of the wildest men’s fashion jeans going viral from the runway to your newsfeed.


The runway would just not be the same without bold prints, let alone mens designer jeans crafted with insane graphics and patterns. Today you can find mens fashion jeans in colourful patterns released by denim’s hottest brands. From mens colored jeans to camo military jeans, these stylish mens jeans are the perfect way to make a summer-heavy statement with fresh and bold colour. Whether you’re craving trendy mens jeans in one bold colour or assorted tie-dye splashes, you can actually find it all on Differio, an online men’s clothing store with the most unique denim designs. 


The moto-biker trend has been burning up the runway since the beginning of punk rock culture. Creeping its way onto designer jeans for men, the moto denim trend has inspired stylish menswear designers to integrate rock-and-roll culture with mens urban jeans. Whether styled with combat boots or leather jackets, you can simulate that same hard-rock edge from the runway with just a single pair of biker jeans. Stacked with mechanical edge, moto jeans are loaded with futuristic vibes perfect for any day or night look. Whichever way you decide to style biker jeans, this hot-off-the-runway look is one that can’t be ignored.


We know you’re familiar with men’s skinny jeans, but have you ever seen these skinny-fit jeans split into two different colours? Understated yet stylish, these mens fashion jeans have become a popular choice amongst some of today’s style editors and influencers. The great thing about these designer jeans for men is that they can be worn in so many different ways. You can try styling them with a neutral t-shirt to make the colour pop, or team them with matching pieces for a monochromatic look. Whenever you want to switch things up, two-tone mens colored jeans make an instant statement for bold trendsetters.


Taking inspiration from previous eras, mens tapered jeans are now trending with wide-leg styles imitating looks from the 60s and 70s. If you’re looking for cool jeans for guys and you’re not afraid to try something new, these retro fashion jeans for men will definitely liven up your wardrobe with a retro-meets-contemporary flair. You can pair them with vintage items, and you’re all set! Popularly seen on much-loved celebs like Harry Styles, tapered jeans are definitely not an understated look, so wear your flares with pride!

Men’s jeans are constantly reinvented with the power to turn a simple outfit into something edgy and unique. From bold prints to biker edge, the runway keeps us guessing with the wildest designs that can completely transform our wardrobes. Keep an eye out for what’s next in mens fashion jeans by checking out Fashion Week’s latest runway debuts. 

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