The Wrecks have released their outstanding second album ‘Sonder’

The title track comes as a huge moment, opening the record with a huge injection of infectious pop-punk. Catchy and full of energy the record starts as it means to go on. You can watch the accompanying music video directed by Natalie Hewitt

Born from a difficult breakup, the album’s creation was fuelled by heartache and it was a cathartic process for Nick Anderson, the band’s vocalist and producer, Nick explained  “I wrote this album because I had to. I was slowly and poorly processing a breakup, and for a while there, the breakup was winning.” At some point, though, he says the tables turned and the breakup became everything he needed for the last two years to write music that he was proud of and was true to him as a writer and to the progress of the band. See below for the track list;


1. Sonder

2. I Love This Part

3. Where Are You Now (feat. girlhouse)

4. Don’t Be Scared

5. Unholy

6. Dystopia

7. Unrequited 

8. No Place I’d Rather Be

9. Ugly Side

10. Normal

11. Lone Survivor

Last month The Wrecks teased the album release with the standout single ‘Where Are You Now?’ The release featured the highly talented artist of the rise ‘girlhouse’ and effectively worked at exciting fans ahead of their album drop.
Sonder follows the release of the band’s 2016 debut EP We Are The Wrecks which features their debut single “Favorite Liar”, their 2018 Panic Vertigo EP, their 2020 Static EP as well as their 2020 debut LP Infinitely Ordinary. The Wrecks began as vocalist/producer Nick Anderson’s sole endeavour and has since been rounded out by Aaron Kelley (bass), Nick “Schmizz” Schmidt (guitar) and Billy Nally (drums). The Wrecks also collaborated on a select number of tracks off Sonder with producers Westen Weiss (Meek Mill, Camila Cabello, Post Malone) and Dillon Deskin (Flo Rida, Will Sparks, Different Heaven, Myrne) to expand their sound.

The Wrecks continue to rack up a massive fan base of over 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, who have allowed them to rack up well over 100 million streams in total. As hardworking as they come, The Wrecks have just embarked on a massive 30 date tour across the US including sold-out shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and Boston

 Poised for a wide-open road ahead of them, Nick Anderson and The Wrecks continue to charge into the limelight. Not too shabby for a kid from Wellsville, just two hours south of nowhere.

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