The unstoppable force that is Unusual Demont shares his new EP ‘CHRYSALIS’

The unstoppable force that is Unusual Demont shares his new EP ‘CHRYSALIS’, which exhibits him as the incredibly talented and multifaceted creative that he is recognised for today.

The project features a colourful array of genre-diverse tunes, coming straight from the heart of its creator. The EP consists of 5 tracks- two of which being Unusual Demont’s recent singles ‘NIGHTTIME’ and ‘ALL THAT U WANT’, alongside new tracks ‘STARBURST’, ‘SOMETHING’ AND ‘COMPANY’.

Enveloped in bold flavours of Brockhampton and Frank Ocean, Unusual Demont’s sound is packed with a medley of styles, cultures and emotions, with an alternative, out-of-the-box creative approach at the centre of it all. Complete with a flood of punchy instrumentation, Unusual Demont’s signature raspy vocals and a fiery energy that is impossible to deny, the EP is the prime example of his promise as an artist to keep a keen eye on in the alternative scene right now. 

Speaking on the making of his single “COMPANY”, Unusual Demont shares that; “COMPANY” is the last song I made on CHRYSALIS. I met someone when I first got to LA, and during all the high and lows I was facing at that time they made things feel better for a bit. They made things feel better for a bit but the baggage that came with the feelings became too heavy for me to bear and we eventually split. I wrote this one very shortly after to vent. Even though it does stem from a sad experience, I wanted to make the song upbeat. Lending itself to the concept of CHRYSALIS; that dichotomy of seeming/sounding fine, but below the surface there’s a lot more going on. I’ve found that contrast to be a bit of a staple in my music thus far and I love it. This relationship, like the rest of the project, was a fleeting but crucial part of this transitionary period of my life.”

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