The Holy Art Gallery

The Holy Art, a London based gallery that curates virtual and physical exhibitions both in the UK and abroad, is one of the most exciting and unconventional independent galleries of recent years. 

“We are interested in showing a plurality of voices, practices and aesthetics focused on all forms of creative reflection. We invite artists to exhibit their work with us, via our Open Calls page. By promoting and showcasing the work of bright, emerging and established artists, we intend to solidify art conversations and explorations.” 

The Holy Art strives to build bridges between local and international, contributing to an interchange that goes beyond borders. Recent exhibition Revolution: Art & Change has drawn artwork from a plethora of over 150 artists worldwide; a virtual 3D tour is available on the website. 

Current shows: Beyond Art: Room I, Beyond Art: Room II, Aching Bodies by Andrea Ihl. Upcoming shows: 

● “Reberation”, 13th – 19th August, Virtual Group Show 

● “Aura”, 1st – 8th October 2021, Group Show, London, The Holy Art Gallery

● “Humanism”, 13th – 17th September 2021, Group Show, Athens, Greece, Romatzo

● “Objet D’Art”, 15th – 21st October 2021, Group Show, London, The Holy Art Gallery 

To find out more about The Holy Art visit their website: or follow the conversation on social media

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