Acclaimed singer-songwriter Terri Walker is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her critically  acclaimed 2003 album, ‘Untitled’, with the release of her highly anticipated new album ‘My  Love Story’, out now via Wings of a Hummingbird Records/Believe UK. 

Produced by Konny Kon & Tyler Daley – widely recognised as Children of Zeus, who also  co-wrote the album alongside Walker & Drs, the seven-track album showcases Terri’s unique  blend of Soul and RnB. Following on from the release of singles ‘Finally Over You’ and ‘I’m  Not The One’, ‘My Love Story’ is a testament to Terri’s growth as an artist over the past two  decades. 

Speaking about the album Terri said: “My Love Story is an album that I made for myself. It  has been one of accountability, and ownership – no blaming or assumptions. It’s an album  where I didn’t worry that it didn’t meet mine, or other people’s expectations.” 

A strong introduction to the album, lead track ‘Finally Over You’ is a powerful, up-tempo  ballad about overcoming and moving on. Bringing back a flair of nostalgia over a refreshed  sound, the lyrics are honest, and Terri’s soulful vocals are only further enhanced by the funk led instrumentation. ‘Finally Over You’ connects instantly with listeners and is the perfect  entry point– setting the tone for what’s to come by saying goodbye to the old, and hello to the  new. 

On ‘I’m Not The One’, Terri’s vocals take centre-stage as she delivers a powerful message about self-worth and standing up for oneself. The single is a captivating blend of seamless  vocals alongside a soulful female led choir, showcasing a flavour of her signature R&B  groove, Terri talks about that feeling of knowing the person you are in a relationship with is  not who you are meant to be with, and expresses the importance of honesty and not to ‘live a  lie’. Her vocals are commanding, assured and confident, and the track forms the part two of  the song ‘Fake’ from her debut album, continuing the full circle feel of this project. 

‘I Remember’ is a silky track that takes listeners on a journey through Terri’s past. A tribute to  her roots, Terri’s vocals meander effortlessly over an accented reggae beat as she recalls  moments from her childhood singing “I think about the times when we’d all sleep in one bed /  we’d wake up at the sunrise to the smell of coco bread / I wish that we could go back to the  place where I belong” – the lyrics are nostalgic, heartfelt and honest, and Terri’s vocals are  infused with emotion and soul throughout. In Terri’s own words it’s “literally a reminder of how  beautiful and amazing life was before taking on the outside world,” including that life will  always be amazing, “as long as you don’t forget where you came from.” Marking the middle  of the project, ‘Fearless’ follows as an empowering 70s-tinged anthem about overcoming fear  and trusting in the process, “Fearless is about trusting, believing, and understanding that I  didn’t get here by myself” Terri muses, “it’s all in God’s hands. Always has been, always will  be.” 

‘Rhythm of Change’ ft. Drs showcases Terri’s versatility as an artist, with its instantly  infectious beat, sensual samba flair, catchy hook, and amalgamation of Terri’s melting pot of  sounds. A song about “trusting the process of your purpose [because] it knows what it’s  doing,” on this her vocals are smooth, sultry and emanate freedom –a standout on the album  and precedes the funk-flavoured, tongue-in-cheek ‘You’re Not Coming Home’. Candid and  empowering, ‘You’re Not Coming Home’ is a firm and assured affirmation that that love  interest isn’t getting any more attention than they’re due; a definite party starter, this track is  an anthem filled with Terri’s warm nature, and raw honesty. 

To end, we are given what we’ve been waiting for in the form of uninterrupted, unrivalled  vocals infused with passion, emotion, and soul in ‘I Surrender’. A sensual track, it showcases  Terri’s range as a vocalist and is complimented by Tyler Daley who features. After taking us  through all the facets that form her past story: gaining independence, maintaining self confidence, faith, family, and truth, ‘I Surrender’ is a powerful ballad that catapults us into  Terri’s present. It’s about letting go and finally surrendering to a love where you can be  vulnerable and free, and we see that Terri is. The track is a beautiful ending to the album and  reflects “finally being at peace with who I am and allowing someone in. [Someone] that  respects and understands that.” 

Terri is an artist who has fearlessly pushed boundaries and commands the space she  deserves. Her sound is a one-of-a-kind blend of Soul, RnB, Jazz, Gospel, and Funk (thrown  in for good measure), which has garnered her a loyal following of fans who appreciate her  authenticity and honesty. ‘My Love Story,’ is a testament to her growth and evolution as an  artist; it celebrates the complexities of love – and from heartbreak to healing, Terri takes  listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of losing and finding oneself, creating a  cross-generational resonance. 

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of her Def Soul produced debut release, the critically  acclaimed album ‘Untitled’, Terri has draws inspiration from legends like Aretha Franklin,  Chaka Khan, and Mica Paris. With ‘My Love Story’, she embarks on a new chapter of her  ever-evolving musical journey, driven solely by the passion to tell important stories and create  music that means something. 


1. Finally Over You 

2. I’m Not The One 

3. I Remember 

4. Fearless 

5. Rhythm of Change 

6. You’re Not Coming Home 

7. I Surrender 

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