22-year-old post-soul artist Talulah Ruby releases intimate and powerful new single The Deep. The Deep completes a trilogy of singles that include her first two releases Hot Water and I Don’t Feel Like Me which were both released last year with accompanying stunning visuals. Talulah Ruby was raised on a Spanish island by British parents before relocating to East London to immerse herself in the music scene and commit fully to her writing. With her powerful, dynamic vocals at the forefront of her music, Talulah Ruby blends live instruments with electronic sensibility as a backdrop for classic soul songwriting. 

Talulah Ruby writes her music with a reoccurring theme, which ultimately may be narrowed down to the constant search for a better space and environment. Talking about this Talulah says: “All my songs are part of the same universe. I guess you could say that I am seeking a sort of Utopia. This naturally comes from growing up on the island of Lanzarote, which has an incredibly rich history in terms of it’s relationship with using art to fuse nature and humanity.”

The Deep has been written as a third person narrative which Talulah wrote in her head and describes the act of going deeper within oneself to find absolute truth and freedom. The concept of The Deep comes as a metaphor and follows a man who quits his job, packs up his things and drives his car into the ocean. He keeps driving until finally he reaches “The Deep”. He finds he may have to adapt and it might take a little getting used to, but ultimately, he is now fully free to be whoever he wants to be and his lifestyle choices will no longer be judged. 

Speaking about her new single, Talulah Ruby says:  “I wrote The Deep in my studio flat on Kingsland Road at the end of 2018 – I had pulled up a youtube video of Deep Sea creatures, which went on to inspire my chain of thoughts. The sounds we created came quite naturally and the writing session in general was really high in energy. Originally we’d gone for a Drum & Bass outro as we were in that mood. But after playing it live and eventually coming back to the writing room a year later, it found a whole new lease of life and meaning.”

Talulah’s thoughts about releasing The Deep during a global pandemic outbreak:  “I feel like this song carries so much spirit surrounding transformation and learning to adapt in a new environment – It feels completely surreal that it should come out when the world is questioning whats normal and who we are as individuals and communities. The whole planet is questioning our existentialism and this song is exactly that. A search for truth and finally realising that everything moves in flow. The Deep is coming out during a major transformational period of my personal life and also the whole globe.”

Talulah Ruby is supporting fellow UK singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka in Leeds and Newcastle this September. 




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