Style for the glossies

House of Solo magazine scours The Broadway in search of their trademark high-end styles.

Another event gets booked in. A photo shoot goes in 5 minutes later. With space in the diary wearing thin, we’re going to need some new threads. And with impeccable timing, an invite to The Broadway lands in our inbox. “Check out the newest styles, pick out your freshest looks, give us your take on the latest fashion”. Sounds good, but are we really going shopping in Bradford?

We’ve got nothing against Bradford, it’s actually really cool these days. There’s City Square, the Alhambra – right next door to the Media Centre and if it’s good enough for Zayn Malik, it’s good enough for us. But were we really going to find the high end looks that House of Solo prides itself on?

Turns out we are. As we hit The Broadway, we’re met with the newest looks fresh from the runways, styles that will look sharper than sharp in front of the lens. We ended up struggling to narrow down our favourite styles, but we eventually edited our picks and hung our tags on the best of the best. You’ve got to see them for yourself, these are the looks that will be all over the glossies this season.



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