GOING to a hair salon for a colour treatment is never a quick job, so when you take several hour out of your busy schedule you want it to be as enjoyable as possible. 

Walking into Stil Salon, nestled in the heart of London’s Notting Hill, feels like a safe haven from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

The neutral tones and chic decor transport you to a spa-like zen, aided by friendly, calm staff freeing you of your coat and bags and a friendly wag-tailed welcome from Bertie the white, fluffy Maltese. 

Already, I’m at ease and that’s before award-winning colourist and founder Christel Lundqvist has even looked at my barnet. 

Heady from the calming vibes, I wonder if I should not come to the the clarity inducing space of Stil for my hair choices, soul searching and decide your life goals.

Anyway, back to follicles…The lovely Christel breezes over full of knowledge after several decades in the industry, having worked all over the world. 
As a natural brunette, I am after subtle blonde highlights, taking into consideration the current balayage trend. 

I have some snaps from instagram to use as a benchmark to show Swedish-born Christal, who became a hairdresser when she was just 16 and is a fountain of knowledge on Scandinavian hues. I’m appalled I ever managed to dye my locks without her.

She studies my skin tone and eye colour to ensure the shade will work with my natural goods. We couple this with the look I’m after myself and I airdrop her a photo of something I’ve seen on Instagram that I think will work.

She shows me her colour bible – a book filled with pictures of what shades will work with every tone. I feel reassured and safe in her hands.
After a thorough consultation, Christel offers a detox lighting service.

Generally the hair is compromised because of wear and tear so this doesn’t over process the hair, she will be free painting , as well as invisible highlights. We use a toner with a protein and moisture treatment to help restore my heat damaged hair.

I’m now on a straightener-ban, which, miraculously, I stick to. And, thanks to Christal’s genius colour technique, a natural wave and kink in my hair actually suits the overall look. 

During the wash I have a head massage and a choice of essential oils. I opt for calming lavender while breathing in the retro R’n’B music subtley filling the salon. 

Rather than the usual hairdresser onslaught of trying to sell me in-house products at this stage, Chritstal and her team seem committed to helping me with the overall health of my hair. 

A thorough blow-dry leaves me in no-doubt that I can stick to my hair appliance drought, and, thanks to the skillful technique the blonde blends effortlessly with my natural darker shades, I’m told I won’t need to visit again for at least another three months as the colour will grow out in a natural fashion. 

While this is a blessing to my schedule, I’m just sad I won’t get stand Stil again sooner.

Scandinavian look

Visit : www.stil-salon.com

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