St. Lundi Unveils Debut Album “The Island” and Emotionally Charged Single “Different Houses”

At the tender age of 20, St. Lundi left his Hayling Island roots, embarking on a musical odyssey to London armed with little more than £100 and a dream. Against the odds, he found early success collaborating with Seeb and Kygo, propelling him into the spotlight. Now, just a few years later, the artist is poised to fulfill a lifelong ambition with the announcement of his debut album, “The Island,” slated for release on September 20th.

The album’s lead single, “Different Houses,” serves as a poignant glimpse into St. Lundi’s soulful and introspective musical style. Opening with a vulnerable confession about heartache at the age of twelve, the song delves into the emotional aftermath of his parents’ separation, offering a raw yet cathartic journey. St. Lundi’s vocals soar to new heights as the production intensifies, transforming sparse beats into dramatic drum fills. Despite the heart-rending emotions, the track hints at a sense of peace, suggesting that St. Lundi has come to terms with his challenging past.

In a personal reflection on “Different Houses,” St. Lundi shares, “It is about the day my parents told me, my brother and sister that they were splitting up. It took me years to write this song in a way I felt happy and comfortable with it, also in a way that didn’t paint my parents as villains.” The artist’s vulnerability shines through as he reveals the therapeutic process of writing the song, which culminated after seeking therapy in early 2023.

“Different Houses” serves as a chapter within the broader autobiographical narrative of “The Island.” The album, available for pre-order or pre-save, weaves together picturesque moments from St. Lundi’s life, interspersed with poignant interludes that amplify its emotional depth.

St. Lundi’s collaborators on “The Island” include industry luminaries such as Matt James, Ollie Green, Tom Fuller, Jez Ashurt, Gez O’Connell, and Martin Luke Brown. The album, showcasing St. Lundi’s songwriting prowess, offers a limited edition vinyl format in addition to its digital release.

The journey from Hayling Island to the debut album has been marked by resilience and triumph. St. Lundi’s initial struggles in London saw him connect with Australian backpackers who provided him with a place to stay. Working in a school for children with learning difficulties by day and performing in small shows by night, he navigated the challenges of the early days of his career.

Despite the hurdles, St. Lundi’s trajectory soared with notable collaborations on Kygo’s Gold-certified ‘Golden Hour’ album and Seeb’s track ‘Colourblind.’ His own singles, including the 2021 hit ‘Nights Like This,’ garnered widespread acclaim and set the stage for his forthcoming album.

As 2024 unfolds, St. Lundi looks set to build on his success with a promise of more UK and international touring, following a series of intimate pop-up performances across Europe. His captivating live shows, which have already featured guest performances alongside artists like Kodaline, Tom Gregory, Leon, and ClockClock, underscore the artist’s journey from a determined dreamer in London to a rising star on the global music scene.

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