Sol Croft has released his new EP “The Black Paintings”

“The Black Paintings” is a brilliant three-track EP. The track builds from sparse beginnings, as Sol’s unique voice becomes backed by haunting string motifs create songs heavy with atmosphere. It’s unlike anything being made at the moment, highlighting a unique new talent who is making music in his own literate world.

The EP was recorded with Gam and Dante Traynor of Sweat, old friends of Sol, with whom he has collaborated on previous releases. Sol has been writing and recording continually over the last 12 months, and these new recordings are his most fully formed to date.

If I Veiled My Look
The Black Paintings
Where She Hangs Her Dresses

Previously Sol has put out a handful of low-key releases, including the five-track “Farewell To The Disciples” EP last year. He cut his teeth playing open mic nights in north London pre-lockdown, whilst he performed a wonderful show at Servants Jazz Quarters in Dalston in February 2020.

Sol has been inspired by classic lyricists and writers, whilst his introduction to music came via hip-hop and an early love for Eminem and Big L. He is hugely inspired by the lyrics of the artists he admires, and the imagery he conjures is spellbinding.

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