Schwarzkopf unveils a transformative NEW Chapter: Schwarzkopf is For Every You and presents the Creative Collective of extraordinary women.

With the powerful reveal of its new global brand ambassadors in Berlin, Schwarzkopf embarks on an exciting journey, reaffirming its mission to create a strong, purposeful, global and culturally relevant brand. Schwarzkopf is doing all this with outstanding artists and cultural creators who inspire and enable individual hair stories with their unrivalled hair expertise:

“Schwarzkopf – For Every You” unites and celebrates its globally known and loved brand in a new and exciting way. “We are more than thrilled that each of these seven unique, iconic, and truly inspiring women share our passion and our commitment to hair and the power that lies within it. Each of these outstanding personalities embodies the importance of hair to our individuality in a very personal and yet inspiring way for all of us. In hair lies power and it is the purpose of Schwarzkopf to lift self-potential through hair colour, care and style. By telling their own hair stories, they are true beacons for all of us to do the same. At Schwarzkopf, we could not be prouder to team up with our Creative Collective and elevate our relationships to consumers going forward to embrace every aspect of their self-potential in all its beauty” says Matthieu Chauvet, CVP Henkel Consumer Brands Hair Schwarzkopf.

The Schwarzkopf Creative Collective – meet the ambassador

Diane Kruger

Award Winning Actress

It is at the heart of an actress’s profession to change roles and constantly become someone else. There are so many facets you can play with and express through different color shades. At the same time, playing with different looks helps to discover and preserve your natural self. But in all of that, it is just as important to stay true to, and take good care of, yourself and your hair.

“As an actress, my hair is my signature. That‘s why I make sure it‘s always at its best.”

Our silhouettes are the visual anchor for the campaign. By using the original cutout logo as a base and building upon it, Schwarzkopf brings the iconic logo closer to life, making it more approachable.​ The photographic silhouette motives are the next step in the evolution of Schwarzkopf and the collaboration with the Creative Collective manifests the next chapter in the 125-year history of Schwarzkopf around the globe. Why? Because hair has always been more than just hair – it is expressive, ever evolving, growing and a canvas to express yourself in all stages of life. It inspires us to express our emotions, desires, visions and dreams in all its glory. This is why Schwarzkopf wants to invite people to join the brand and the ambassadors to embark on a journey to leave a mark on this world – through hair.

Today, Schwarzkopf is the authority in hair, combining hair colour, care and style under one roof.  To further promote the heritage of Schwarzkopf, the brand is backed up by a global community of hairdressers and true experts. For instance, through experts implementation of Schwarzkopf´s unique and innovative HaptIQ System that strengthens the hair by creating micro-bonds within the existing hair fibre to help the hair to regenerate.

In a powerful repositioning, Schwarzkopf introduces its all-encompassing claim: For Every You. This cements the brand´s commitment to inclusivity, personalisation, and empowerment, celebrating the beauty within every individual hair journey – whilst embracing diversity and personal expression. Matthieu Chauvet, Corporate VP Global Marketing at Schwarzkopf, remarks: “Celebrating the brand´s repositioning, while focusing on its core values deeply rooted in the professional hair industry, is such a logical yet ground-breaking step. For the first time, we bring all our authority in hair under one roof.”

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