rei brown releases ‘Get Me Out’

Today, New York based, Japanese producer and artist, rei brown, continues to deliver an expert level of his captivating avant-garde sound with brand new release ‘Get Me Out’. As a musician known for being incredibly creative and multifaceted in every sense of his artistry, rei brown further cements his place as an ever-evolving musician with the release of ‘Get Me Out’. Co-produced by Frankie Scoca (NewJeans, dhruv etc.) and co-written by JBACH (Jason Derulo, Barbie OST), collectively they have curated a project that wholeheartedly reflects the story that rei is telling.

Speaking on the origin of the track, rei shares; “Get Me Out” was one of the first songs I made after Xeno. I had just gotten off of a series of tours, one of which, I had an episode of psychosis/derealization. Unfortunately it’s not a new experience for me either, I’ve had a bunch of ‘episodes’ or incidents for the past 10 years. It was impossible to communicate what I was going through to my friends, and worst of all, I still had to go on stage and perform most nights. I kind of went to sleep wondering how I even get through it all… As always it kind of just eventually got better, but I think when I was writing the chorus, I subconsciously just drew from that recent experience.”

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