Rayowa, a band of three brothers from Essex, is currently raising the bar for the disco, funk and soul scene, as they are set to release their latest single ‘Good Life’.

‘Good Life’ follows the group’s first EP, ‘Keepin’ Me Under’ which captured the ears and imaginations of listeners, amassing over 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone and had them played on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 drivetime show, with their infectious, modern disco track described as “an absolute banger” by the Radio pioneer himself.

Behind the track, Rayowa explain;

“Good Life’ is about living in the moment. It’s about overcoming the pressures and anxiety of the expectation we put on ourselves to succeed. It’s about knowing times are hard but better days are coming. It’s taking a step back and acknowledging the difficulties you’ve overcome and that you should trust in yourself and the decisions you’ve made. It’s about being assured in the pursuit of your goals and refusing to give up until you reach the top.” “The chorus lyrics are ‘Tonight, keep stayin’ up past midnight, but it doesn’t bother me, keep livin’ for the good life’. The meaning behind those words is sacrificing today’s short-term pleasure for tomorrow’s long-term gain. Staying positive, working hard all day, going to be late and repeating the process.”

Sun-kissed and irresistibly positive, Rayowa’s lust for life shines throughout ‘Good Life’. Bed by toe-tapping grooves, the track is immensely fun with a feeling of togetherness laced in soulful vocals and dynamic instrumentation – an offering which sees them at their most
vibrant and colourful Of the video, Rayowa explain;

“The music video is a bit tongue in cheek and a bit of fun. We referenced the Nick Love film ‘The Business’ starring Danny Dyer & Tamar Hassan. It’s a British rise and fall gangster film set in the 80’s that we grew up watching, so when we had the opportunity to go to Spain to shoot the video, we went for it. We wanted to capture the grit and aesthetic of that film but make it look a bit Tarantino with some hints of Goodfellas. Our good friends Corey & Kieran Rid, two brothers from Liverpool, made the video.”

That mix of deeper messages and dance-inducing rhythms have won a wide range of big-name fans, despite the band still being in its early days. Rayowa have supported the legendary Craig Charles twice at his Funk & Soul Nights and are set to play alongside Diana Ross and Nile Rodgers & Chic on 11th June at the Cambridge Club Festival.

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