Qasimi’s modern day nomad approaches life with an eye for merging cultures, customs and tradition across an urban landscape. Well-travelled and adventurous, exploring and recording what he sees to gain perspective in a world full of intricate complexities.

An essential element carried throughout the AW18 collection is the story of checks. Worn by various cultures around the world, both now and in the past, they demonstrate a certain interconnectivity between us all. The story of checks is an exploration of how a pattern evolves or is given different meaning in their individual socio-geographic context.

KEY COLOURS:  Copper Brown, Mink, Khaki, Electric Yellow, Pine, Slate, Burgundy

KEY FABRICS:  Thick gauge cashmere knits, double-faced woven wool check, heavy cotton

twill, wool gabardine, Alpaca curled wool

KEY SHAPES:  Contrast of oversized and cropped form the seasons silhouette – chunky knitwear, voluminous trousers, oversized coats, cropped jackets

KEY PRINTS:  Checks – with a focus on two families, gingham and madras, playing with the scale to create a form of visual texture. Found in Nepal and Bhutan, India and Africa, in the Middle East and Europe, across the States and Latin America – they are a global phenomenon

Zoe Keller custom hand drawings – a still life of Middle Eastern fruits and fauna, an image of wildlife animals; both set to the backdrop of a madras check

Stripes – Inspired by the blankets of the people of Basotho, the iconic stripe – a symbol of growth – featured on scarves, knitwear and down the sides of trousers



STYLIST:  Tom Van Dorpe

CASTING:  Shelley Durkan

MUSIC:  Mimi Xu

PRODUCTION:  Studio Boum

HAIR:  Tina Outen

MAKE-UP:  Laura Dominique


SHOES:  Brandblack

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