Q&A with FLEUR EAST along with her new single.


Tell us about your new track ‘Figured Out’?
Figured Out is the first look into a new wave of music that I’m releasing. It’s quite laid back which is very different for me and I’m excited for people to see a different side of me, musically. The sound represents the emotion behind the meaning of the track and I love the sounds we’ve used in the production. 

What inspired the song?
It’s a song I wrote in a 3am studio session talking about how relationships aren’t always how they may seem in public. It’s all about keeping up appearances and I feel this is very relatable especially with regards to social media. People tend to paint a picture they want others to see but this doesn’t always necessarily reflect what’s really going on.

You’ve been posting on Instagram that you’re in the studio lots. Do you have more music coming?

Oh yes! I have a lot of new music on the way. I’m releasing a project in the new year that I’m currently finishing up now and I can’t wait for people to hear it all. There are 3 singles I’m releasing from that project. My song ‘Size’, currently on the Debenhams ad campaign, will be coming out too, which is really cool! I’m being really creative lyrically, musically and visually. 

You’re now a breakfast DJ on Hits Radio every weekday, is the plan to combine both music and presenting in 2020?
I’m so grateful that I am able to explore many of my passions in my work. I studied journalism at university and now I actually get to use my degree! I really enjoy presenting on Hits Radio Breakfast and its fun combining what I’ve studied and my first love; music.

You performed at Bedford Park and Brighton Pride this summer. Can we expect more live performances and a tour?
Yes! I love to perform it’s such an amazing feeling being on stage. Once my full project is out in the new year I am planning to go on tour. So watch this space. 

Your song Sax has had over 100 million streams on Spotify. How does if feel having a song that continues to be streamed and loved by so many?
It is incredible! I can’t believe how successful the song has been. I still get excited when I hear it on the TV in an advert or a show. It’s amazing to know so many people have embraced the song and are still discovering it around the world.

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