Premiere: Wes Reeve release new single ‘Cup of Tea’

Wes Reeve has been embarking on a gargantuan task this year, releasing a series of songs taken from her sprawling debut album Come To The Table, a body of work designed to represent each season.  Cup Of Tea is her latest offering and showcases the rising LA-based artist at her floating indie-pop best, laying her gorgeous vocals across a beautifully poised arrangement. Having drawn comparison to the likes of Fiona Apple and Joanna Newsom and gained press acclaim from the likes of Wonderland, FLAUNT, Refinery29, CLASH and more, Wes Reeve looks set for a big 2020.

Wes Reeve’s tracks are beautifully unique. At once familiar and otherworldly, her songs are written through a stream of consciousness and draw heavily from childhood memories and classic fairytale narratives. Dive in to ‘ Cup Of Tea’ here and look out for more from Wes Reeve very soon.

A cup of tea is a little bit of warmth when your head hurts and you don’t care about anything. It’s something to feel happy about, no matter how small. Sometimes I feel empty and exhausted, but I’m lucky to have someone to pick me up and dance with me in the kitchen; someone to bring me a cup of tea when it feels like every day is the same and I can’t remember what makes me happy. “Cup of Tea” is my way of returning the favor. 

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