Premiere: Punctual ft. Skinny Living Acoustic Session

The gifted acoustic soul four-piece band Skinny Living have created a raw and stripped back version of their latest track with Punctual ‘King Without A Crown’ which they feature on alongside Kid Ink. The visual was filmed in the band’s hometown of Wakefield. With the help of a close friend and collaborator Aria Shahrokhshahi. The video focuses on Ryan and the rest of the band deep in the forest. The enchanting backdrop matches the raw vocals and give the track a stunning visualisation.

Skinny Living have been making waves in the last few years after relentless hard work and determination. The band was founded when Will Booth (guitar) heard lead singer Ryan sing at an open mic night in Wakefield. The duo caught the ear of another locally-based guitarist; Danny Hepworth. Not long after, Rhys Anderton joined them at another open mic and everything fell into place. Making great music has been the bands number one priority ever since and this track emulates their hard-working attitude.

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