Premiere: Little Monarch release their new single ‘Wrong Right’

‘Wrong Right’ is the incredible new single out today from indie pop group Little Monarch. A hazy track perfect for the end of summer, it focuses on themes of hope and redemption, managing to capture the feeling of chasing the precious last rays of California sunshine.

The eclectic instrumentals, reminiscent of Feist, betray the group’s diverse musical backgrounds, led by the stunning voice of singer, writer and producer Casey Kalmenson.

The group, a band of friends based in Venice, California, has racked up millions of streams online, attracting the attention of publications including Clash Magazine, Ones to Watch and more.

“This song is our Apocalypse Anthem of sorts. A glimmer of hope in the midst of an unusual LA summer, in the midst of an unusual year.  A reminder that even though the city is burning, smiles are covered up, and some things feel so far away, that we still have time…  Time to make the most of life. To change what is so clearly broken or leave it all behind.  To feel whole in the spaces we so easily filled with outside forces.  To know that we will get it wrong before we get it right.” 

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