Premiere: Hearts & Colors Unleash The Video For Their Single ‘Waterbed’

The chirpy, jovial sounds of a fairground merrily greet the ear while angelically caramel-smooth voices transcend above the lines. This is Hearts & Colors, the pair from Gothenburg, who have recently collaborated with the likes of Felix Jaehn, Andrelli and Alex Adair on the remix of ‘Too Many Friends’- released earlier this year on Island Records.

The Scandinavian pair represents the dictionary’s definition of Hygge. With blonde, corkscrew locks to die for, looking as if they’ve been pulled fresh out of the ASOS website and a fusion of great chemistry, charm, captivation and melting voices, it all looks incredibly natural and organic.

The song ‘Waterbed’, released at the same time as ‘Lying To Myself’, is described by the duo as a winter longing for sunburn and heat. The music video eddies into the boys dangling over a derelict swimming pool as they delectably croon ‘I don’t know what you’re smoking but there’s a cloud round you’ as we all dissolve into a haziness of wonderment. The video then spirals into a fuzzy, dense jungle as the pair enchantingly recite the chorus with the heady lyrics: ‘I wanna drown instead I’d rather make love in your waterbed I’m in too deep over my head Baby let’s dive into your waterbed’. They are not the ones drowning, it is us. We are engulfed by the ease, simplicity and the sheer excitement that the pair radiate.

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