Pikes – hillside hedonism the true Ibizan way

Whether your idea of an Ibizan getaway is watching the sunset before a night of dancing at one of the island’s infamous super clubs, a yoga retreat in the mountains or just an excuse for topping up your tan, there’s one place that has remained at the forefront of Ibizan culture for decades… Pikes.

An iconic Ibizan institution steeped in rock and roll history deep in the San Antonio hills, Pikes is a hotel, restaurant, retreat, bar – or whatever the hell its die hard following want it to be – it has it all. It was the setting for Wham’s Club Tropicana video and has played host to some of music’s most legendary artists (think Grace Jones, Bon Jovi and Freddie Mercury held his infamous 41st birthday party here).

It’s the home of hedonism and while it manages to go under the radar to the everyday 18-30 partygoer, Pikes has managed to retain its position as one of the go to destinations for those ‘in the know’ who take a trip to The White Isle. As well as hosting some of the best parties on the island, Pikes is branching out in to a variety of events, and September will see their first ever Literary Festival (11/12 September) with Irvine Walsh, John Niven and Neil Armstrong. 

Co-owned by Dawn Hindle and Andy McKay. They restored the hotel to its former glory back in 2011 and she spoke to House Of Solo about what makes this magical corner of Ibiza so special.

Dawn Hindle by Dan Wilton
Pikes has been going strong for three decades. What do you think has been the success of its longevity?

Authenticity. Being true to creating a laid back, Mediterranean setting for the perfect Ibizan experience. Attracting the perfect party crowd with an unbelievable soundtrack to your Ibizan adventure. Basically people, place and vibes like all good mixes just effortlessly work it’s a little intangible but you can just feel it, a little bit of naughtiness is in the air and everyone seems to catch it.

What can people expect from a visit to Pikes?

It’s a little like staying in a giant villa with lots of friends you have yet to meet and the staff are like long lost relatives. Ethos is Fun. To meet likeminded souls, get to bed late, saviour exquisite cocktails and food. Experience their own Club Tropicana and definitely be left wanting to return for more. Our average guest revisits at least twice a year. As it says on the writing on the wall “you can check in but you can never check out”.

Photo by Dan Wilton
How has it changed over the years? Is it still as hedonistic as the rock and roll hey day?

 It’s improving every year both in facilities and content. It retains its rock and roll heritage like any true hedonist. Its souls oozes through the walls. Its hedonism is lived out in nights such as DJ Harvey, Jamie xx and The Black Madonna.  It’s like owning a little bit of hedonist history and it’s one of the few real rock and roll hotels. It’s authentic and real. Tony Pikes legend lives on.

Our guests are varied, we are quite UK centric and usually from the world of music, or creative industries. Celebs like our laid back vibe, our melting pot of events and pool side lounging. Most guests never leave the hotel!!

What does Ibiza mean to you?

I first arrived on the island in 1994 to do our club night Manumission that later became the biggest weekly party in the world – 10,000 people in Privilege every Monday night for 15 years! Manumission means “freedom from slavery” this is what the island means to me, freedom from the constraints of society. A creative space.

Photo by Dan Wilton
Could Pikes exist anywhere else in the world or does it fit exclusively with the Ibizan lifestyle?

Pikes is an ethos not the physical bricks and mortar. A place where ideas and concepts and great staff pure individuals with passion and vision and a clientele base that keeps coming back. It’s an extended family affair. 

What does the future hold for Pikes?

I plan on opening more Pikes hotels, California is next on the map. A slight English eccentricity, hedonistic twist and Mediterranean vibe mixed in with the vernacular and we can travel worldwide.

Describe Pikes in three words…




Photo by Paul Selvey

For more information on Pikes, check out their website


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