Pax Cultura deliver their second, thought-evoking single in the form of “Take It All”

The single lands as a bridge between their debut release “Heavy Machinery” (listen here) and their debut performance at Brighton’s most exciting live event, The Great Escape (Alt).  With both the aforementioned offering the band an opportunity to showcase their enigmatic indie-rock sonic, their entry into 2023 has been a fruitful start to their music journey. 

Steeped in emotional depth, “Take It All” stems from a place of struggle, both mentally and physically. Reflecting on the effects of the recent pandemic, more specifically on those closest to them, this single is ultimately a call to action to not shy away from embracing and expressing our emotions to those around us. 

In their own words, the band explains; “The song was born out of the pain and heaviness brought on by Will’s wife Jess contracting Corona Virus and suffering debilitating effects of long Covid lasting for almost a year. 

Will recalls.. There was one A&E trip where I had just handed Jess off to the (incredible!)  NHS staff. I watched her being slowly supported and escorted inside. I sat on our sofa with my head in my hands feeling the weight and uncertainty of the future – would she be coming home? It was overwhelming and I spent the evening processing the only way I knew how – singing and pouring my heart out to God. It felt deep and dark but in the mix of tear-soaked prayers, I found comfort, knowing that God can handle all that I lay on him and not suffocate or drown under the weight of my worries. Thankfully my wife was OK but the lasting effects sat with me for a while where I just felt emotionally, mentally, and physically drained. I’m incredibly blessed to have had friends and family stood with me and encouraged me to continue to care for and hold my wife as we journeyed this path together.  

This is the context from which the song flowed – the numbness of the mornings, the darkness of the nights and the sharing of the struggle. The song itself is a reminder to myself  (and I hope to others) that it’s crucial to share how we feel with those who care for us – even if we may find that hard. It’s so important that we regularly ask our friends and family deep questions about how they’re really feeling – letting them express themselves fully and drawing them to ultimately know that God cares for them and longs to hear and heal their pain. Understandably, I was nervous about playing such a raw song with the band and bearing my heart before others, but I feel extremely privileged to have band members who heard my voice and gently helped mould and give shape to the track you have in front of you today, ‘Take It All’” Landing off the back of a successful debut release, which saw international support from  Atwood Magazine, Revamp Magazine, The Indie Scene, Music Crowns, Fame  Magazine, PM Studio, and Scoope.

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