Only her debut release and Norwegian-Serbian, singer-songwriter, Maggie, already  demonstrates anthemic potential in her forthcoming single, ‘Paralyzed’

Opening on a cathartic bed of strings, the track quickly builds into a cavernous space to home the undeniably unique vocals of Maggie, set to soundtrack the emerging world of alternative pop this 2022. Creating a euphonous blend of electronic leaning pop music, somewhat resonant of British music artist and pioneer Imogen Heap, ‘Paralyzed’ presents itself as a single able to transcend time in due symmetry to Heap’s iconic hits. 

The track is an all-encompassing sonic experience offered by Maggie, with her 360-degree  approach to music as a writer, producer and vocalist. With the proportion of men to women producer ratio being heavily one-sided, not only is Maggie’s music authentic to her to the highest degree but also a reminder of the vast craftsmanship behind this budding female artist. 

In her own words, Maggie explains; “It’s about a bad trip. Although you can interpret it in different ways. It could be about when  you have an expectation about something and it doesn’t work out for you.” 

‘Paralyzed’ lands as the first instalment for not only Maggie’s forthcoming EP, out next  January, but also what is set to be a very exciting 6 months for Maggie and she confidently wades out into international music waters. 

Raised in Furuset, a suburb of Oslo. Her father – a musician himself – fed Maggie a diet of the greats: Ella Fitzgerald, Sting, Prince and Frank Sinatra. 

After a childhood filled with music, Maggie enrolled at the prestigious Lillehammer Institute of Music Production and Industries (LIMPI), where she honed in on advancing her songwriting, vocal and producing skills. And it wasn’t long before she caught the attention of one of the school’s weekly mentors, who swiftly signed on as Maggie’s manager. 

Before she had no belief in herself as a producer. “I was surrounded by men. You know,  90% of the people I work with are men. And it’s not that they’re not good, but I realized I was limiting myself and not feeling fulfilled. So then I was like, ‘Fuck it’” she says. “I just threw my fear out the window and started producing, writing and recording all on my own”.

After years of tempering herself, she is embracing her full potential, her music ready to be released into the wild. “I started from nothing and I’m doing it by myself. I want people to take inspiration from that” she says. “They too can find their independence. It took me a long time to get to the stage I am at now, but I needed those years of experience. It has made my music what it is today and so much stronger”. 

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