OLIVER KEANE Shares his impressive debut EP ‘16mm Dream Sequence’

The 6-track record is an intricate display of his impressive talents, making it hard to believe that he is still just 18 years old. The lead single ‘Antidote’ is a tender indie-rock moment lead by his effortlessly distinctive vocals.

Sharing a little more, Oliver explained: “The whole song was originally stripped back like the start but I spontaneously said we should do a harsh switch halfway through. Luke (my co-producer) had never really heard the more indie side to me before, but I remember the excitement on his face when I sent him the project with the switch up in. We spent hours upon hours perfecting the guitar, especially in the second verse.”

16mm Dream Sequence

  1. In The Morning
  2. Fall Down
  3. 3AM
  4. Fixing a Broken Heart
  5. Antidote
  6. Hollow

Oliver Keane launched at the end of last summer with a gorgeous stripped back track ‘In The Morning, showcasing the singer’s knack for raw, evocative scene setting. The track was warmly met and he quickly pinned himself as an artist to watch. Tracks ‘Fall Down’ and ‘3AM’ followed, the latter gathering attention from hundreds of thousands of fans on TikTok ahead of its release. 

More recently Oliver Keane released ‘Fixing a Broken Heart’, which was a moment of honesty from the up and comer. Led by his standout vocals, the single navigates the pain of a missed opportunity. Clash magazine called a deftly beautiful work that ponders ‘what might have been…’ Sharing more, Oliver explained: ‘Fixing a broken heart was about a friend of mine. We’d both been flirting back and forth but neither had the courage to make a move. She started talking to another guy and as her friend I had to sit there and accept that.’

Despite being just 18 years old, Oliver Keane has been writing songs on the daily for over six years​​. “We’re talking about thousands of songs. I can’t remember the last time I went without making music, or having some form of an idea just sitting in the back of a train, singing to myself like a weirdo…”

Derby born and newly London based, Oliver Keane is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He first picked up a guitar aged nine, initially training classically and forming a strong technical foundation to his playing. Since hitting his teens Oliver was determined to forge his own path and has barely paused for breath.

 Having grown up in a house full of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Nirvana, then exploring his own tastes, artists such as James Morrison at first, and then more indie leaning bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen later. Oliver’s diverse taste in music and constant drive to create have driven his unique sound, firmly cementing him as an exciting artist to watch. 

Sat on a wealth of intricate indie-alt pop, the potential feels huge for this young artist. Catch Oliver’s flawless live show supporting GAYLE at Omera on the 30th May. He is also performing at The Great Escape & Neighborhood Festival in May PLUS Sonic Wave Festival in June.

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