NORA shares her new single ‘Bad Man’

Quickly carving a glowing NORA shaped space in the current pop soundscape, Norway raised, London-based NORA is back to leave a mark, in a slightly darker shade, with her new alt-pop offering, ‘Bad Man’, out this July 14th

Slowing the tempo on the previous release ‘Boys Getting Bored’, and dimming the lights, ‘Bad  Man’ sees NORA shed a layer of her luminous skin as she delves into the darkness of toxic entwinements and narcissism in relationships. Packed with deep beats and punchy bass lines, it’s the perfect place for NORA’s resonant vocals and message of female empowerment, consistent across her releases. Taking a step away from the vibrancy of her previous releases, NORA unveils her chameleonic tendencies as a multi-faceted artist, able to span across the spectrum of pop. 

“‘Bad man’ tells a story about someone being in a highly toxic relationship, with someone that cheats, manipulates and gaslights constantly. Someone that doesn’t appreciate what they have and is a total narcissist. Always putting themselves first. 

The lyrics are speaking directly to the girl, to stand up for herself and be the queen that she is.  The Big Blue eyes lyric refers to the start of the relationship, when she was young, naive and innocent, she hasn’t realised yet that even though that girl is still a part of her, that is not who  

she is anymore and she is strong enough to stand up for herself and do what needs to be done – Get out whilst she still can. She is a queen but has totally forgotten where she left her crown.” 

Bringing dazzling individuality to every one of her girl-pop anthems, NORA is described as “an alt-pop princess with a jazz condition”. With 2022 already being her year, NORA has already received glowing praise from international tastemakers Wonderland Magazine, Earmilk,  ENFTNS TERRIBLES and ‘industry insider’ Record Of The Day, praising her anthemic pop capabilities.  

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