NCT’s TEN Releases Debut Solo Mini Album, Showcasing Diverse Musical Palette

In a much-anticipated move, NCT’s TEN has stepped into the spotlight with the release of his debut solo mini-album, a self-titled EP featuring six sonically vibrant English-language songs. The album establishes TEN as a captivating performer with a creative range that transcends genres.

The lead single, ‘Nightwalker,’ is a dance-pop sensation that blends rhythmic beats, subtle bass, and guitar riffs. The lyrics, delving into the irresistibility of an alluring presence, resonate perfectly with the catchy sound. The accompanying music video for ‘Nightwalker’ is available for viewing [here](insert link).

Following suit, the second track ‘Water’ is a Latin pop dance song offering a stylish nod to the early 2000s. With mature vocals, TEN creates an alluring atmosphere while expressing desire for someone with a deadly charm. The pop-punk vibes of ‘Dangerous’ and the hip-hop-infused ‘ON TEN’ further showcase the artist’s versatility, each track providing a unique sonic experience.

TEN takes a poignant turn with ‘Shadow,’ delivering a monologue that beautifully expresses the story of longing for a former lover. The emotional vocal intensity adds depth to the narrative, leaving a strong impression. The EP concludes with the medium-tempo pop song ‘Lie With You,’ featuring a nostalgic and dreamy guitar solo, conveying whispered words of adoration exchanged between lovers.

TEN, known for his distinctive performance and unique dance style, has previously showcased his talent both as a part of NCT and WayV, as well as through solo singles like ‘Birthday,’ which earned praise from British GQ for his ability to convey added meaning through movement.

“TEN” Tracklist:

  1. Nightwalker
  2. Water
  3. Dangerous
  4. ON TEN
  5. Shadow
  6. Lie With You

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