Must Have Piece: Bomber Jacket & History.

The bomber jackets come with power this year, in every  fast-fashion season campaign, designers and shops will see at least one model bomber, but what is the history behind this very cool garment and popularized in the beginning by Steve MacQueen?


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At the stage of the First World War, the aircraft of the Royal Air Force in England had many trouble with the temperature when flying. One of the most important reasons for this was that the aircraft cabins were not locked, so the drivers had to choose an attire / uniform to protect them against bad temperatures and resist the bad weather and environment. So, when being in the air, that was why at first they wore fur coats or jackets. That first leather model was replicated by flyers of US Army during World War II.


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While this bomber was becoming popular, who replicated the first model realized that not all aircraft were the same, so they began to change it making the first model of lighter fabrics. American general Hap Arnold, realized the change in aircraft engines, the arrival of these reactors and chose to change again this pledge, opting for synthetic fabrics like nylon, helping to comfort pilots and giving rise to the closest bomber hat we know today.


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During the Vietnam War, the popularity of this piece is on the rise thanks to the youth and subcultures identified with the style, which makes design houses put it in the spotlight, taking a reference of war suited to fashion then.
This days has been extremely famous thanks to that we have seen supermodels, TV stars and celebrities use day and night time in their streetstyle outfits; but the truth is that, while it is true that they are very fashionable and that in any store you enter will find at least one model bomber, feels different use knowing the story behind the iconic garment these days.

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