Meet Model and Singer: Devyn Adair

Model and Singer Devyn Adair grew up in a small town in Washington state. By the age of 5, Devyn was already singing, drawing, and performing for friends and family. She embodies art in every sense of the word and is consistently perfecting her craft. As a model, she creates vivid images for the hungry eyes of art consumers worldwide.

Devyn has recently embarked on her journey to pop stardom. At the age of 20, she travelled to Seoul, Korea to train her voice and widen her vocal range. Afterwards, she moved to the “city of Angels” to further pursue her deeply rooted passion. She draws inspiration from the world around her for music. She explains in our interview, just how important music is and has always been in her life.

She is currently signed with EMPIRE and three different modelling agencies. Get to know Devyn Adair below.

How does the music scene there influence your sound?

I grew up listening to everything. I was surrounded by my dad’s love of Rock and classic R&B. A lot of my friends loved R&B and Pop. There aren’t many opportunities in the music industry where I’m from. I wanted to move and get better educated.

How did you get into modelling?

She admits, “I had no idea how it worked. I spent my childhood modelling.” After graduating Devyn says she did her research. “I took some test shots, made connections. I got signed in Seattle to a great agency. I wanted to go to LA and pursue it further. After that, I signed with an agency in LA, in the Bay area. It’s so much fun there.

What do you like to do in your spare time other than music?

I’m such a fitness junky, I have to workout.” She laughed and continued, “I hangout with my dogs a lot.” Devyn refers to her pups as her Fur babies. She has a Pit-Lab mix named Rafiki, and a full Pitbull named Boss.  “I writing, reading, painting, anything I can do to express myself.

Where do you find inspiration for your music? How do you select the beats that you choose?

Everywhere, I admire the beauty in art. Anything that is creative and artistic. When I went to Korea to pursue singing I learned their culture and their way singing and training. It opened my eyes and allowed my sound to develop. I’ll always be thankful for the people over there that taught me.

What’s your recording process like? 

I’m so blessed to have Pete styles and wonderful team. I love creating the classic R&B sound with a modern twist. I want to make songs that make you feel something, that make you feel good. If I like a beat and can come up with a melody I can I take it and  create to it.

Who would you like to collaborate with? 

There are so many female rappers out now that I’d love to collab with.  Artists I’ve always listened to like, Chris Brown & Rihanna.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your goal in music?

To be able to get to a point where I can do it freely…basically do what I love and call it a job. I want to be able to influence people and work with others. I love meeting artists, vibing off their energy, and talking about anything. I see myself performing and being able to worry-free.

And of course, I diverged from our musical conversation. I love knowing little quirks about our favourite artists,

Do you come from a small or large family?

..A small family. I have a little sister and she’s 16. She’s so cute and she’s my biggest supporter. We share a Spotify account and I’ll sign in to use it and she’s listening to my songs. And she’s so mature.

What can we expect next from Ms Devyn Adair? 

She shares that she just set up an in-home recording studio. “Some singles! I write at home. You can expect more me, more of my sound, more developed.” She also shared a piece of advice for other oncoming artists. “I know that with any artist, with anything they do, if they keep working on it it will get better. ”

Photographer Kent Avery

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