MATHS TIME JOY X RICH share their stunning collaborative EP ‘Change’ with focus track ‘Call My Name’

London based polymath Maths Time Joy (Tim Worthington) joins New York based artist Rich and together the musical chemistry is flawless. The six track body of work fuses Maths Time Joy’s seamless cutting edge production with Rich’s unmistakeable vocal talent and the result is pure bliss. Focus track Call My Name is the perfect finale.

See below for the track list:

  1. Change
  2. Hoping You’d Call
  3. Cut The Bullshit
  4. Move
  5. Childhood
  6. Call My Name

For two artists that have only met once in person, the musical chemistry is undeniable. ‘Sometimes you have to find the point where you connect musically and other times it just instantly makes sense, and it was that way with Rich’ MTJ shared.

 It was during that first and only meeting in which the demo of ‘Move’, a favourite off the EP was born. Due to the pandemic, the rest of the EP has been made remotely. Rich Explained: ‘When you’re working remotely with someone it’s always harder to give that immediate feedback, but with Tim, I always trust that he’s going to take it in a dope direction, so the back and forth feedback process isn’t quite as necessary for the music we make together’. Exchanging song ideas and beats via email formed more fully fledged stand out releases than they had planned, which naturally took form in this new EP ‘Change’.

Focus single ‘Call My Name’ revealed with the EP today is a harmonious final piece of the puzzle. Sharing more, MTJ shared: “Call my name felt like the perfect way to finish off the project, I’ve always wanted to make a song like this and as soon as I heard Rich’s vocals and all the harmonies I knew exactly where I wanted to take the production.”

The songwriting took inspiration from a lockdown passion Rich discovered for bird watching. Upon reflecting more deeply, relating to the birds brought a metaphorical meaning that Rich explains further: During lockdown I watched a little too many nature documentaries and was particularly fascinated by the different ways birds in the jungle use their voices to call attention & communicate with each other. Every different kind of bird call is unique.

 I feel like I’ve spent a lot of years fighting against or hiding what makes myself unique and found these birds really inspiring. I wrote “Call My Name” in the spirit of a bird call, but it’s also about accepting and embracing your own truth.”

The previously released tracks from the EP have been winning much critical acclaim. With glowing reviews from the likes of Notion, American Songwriter, Early Rising, Flaunt, The Line of Best Fit and Wonderland, it’s been no secret that these two artists are onto a good thing. The pair have also scooped a wealth of playlisting support across DSPs and love from the likes of Radio 1’s chillest record, Radio 4’s Iconic show Loose Ends and Elton John’s Rocket hour who labelled their sound ‘Sensational’’.

Maths Time Joy is a British artist, producer, songwriter, singer, DJ and remixer. He’s built a much esteemed reputation from himself producing for and working with acts such as Mahalia, Kevin Garrett, Sinead Harnett, and Gallant, the latter earning him a Grammy nomination for the album Ology.

In addition to those collaborations, he has provided official remixes for Ellie Goulding, Bon Iver, Bipolar Sunshine, Submotion Orchestra, Lucas Nord, Azekel and Mansionair.

Despite the global pandemic bringing most things to a standstill, the last 18 months has been more than eventful for Maths Time Joy and his solo artist project. Last August he stunned listeners with the release of Real Deal, a soulful offering laced with the immaculate dual vocals of Sinead Harrnet and J Warner. This was followed by the infectious ‘Two Steps’ feat.Kevin Garett and the blissful ‘Fall Back’ feat. Matt Woods.

Connecticut-born, New York-based artist Rich also brings his fair share of impressive accolades to the project. Rich began his artistry as one-third of Universal-signed group Thirdstory who toured, wrote with and produced for Chance the Rapper, whilst Rich also forms one half of a trans-Atlantic, more experimental project going by the name Refs – a collaboration with Berlin-based producer Zach Lipkins. Amongst launching his own solo project this year Rich has also organically racked up over 380k followers on Tik Tok and has had co-signs from the likes of James Blake, Hayley Willians & Justin Vernon.

The upcoming EP refuses to be boxed by genre. Rich’s signature, effortless vocals reach into the soul and gospel music that’s influenced him in his younger years, which when teamed with MTJ’s ever-evolving productions, pushes the records beyond any definitive labels.

Aside from the more obvious influences that have built MTJ to be the artist he is today, his experimental production gives nods to Post Rock music. Growing up listening to Explosions In The Sky he discovered music that structurally builds to a climax, something that MTJ applies to his contemporary sound.

The first single to come from the EP, ‘Change’ is a cathartic offering, born from the moment of realization Rich had that he was in an abusive relationship. The melody was inspired by the folk songs Rich grew up singing with his family. That coupled with the abstract, weightless production is intoxicating. Cut The Bullshit was also penned from that same toxic relationship, an electrifying response to an impossibly difficult situation that soars. 

Other moments from the EP like ‘Hoping You’d Call’ is an emotive, passionate track about unrequited love. ‘Move’ is the track that was born at that first, and last, session in person. Rich Explained: This was the first song Tim and I wrote together when we met in LA. I had been recording and touring extensively for the past couple of years leading up to our first session together but there were moments when it felt kind of like I was running on a treadmill. I think this song is mostly a reminder to myself to breathe, take it slow, keep my balance, and move forward inch by inch.

Change is the result of two lives dedicated to making music and pushing the constraints of genre. Impossible to box and endlessly playable, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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