Luxury Trip Ideas for the Caribbean

With over 13 independent island nations, the Caribbean Sea region is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. From the peaceful beaches in the Bahamas to the coral reefs and sunken ships on the island of Curaçao, there are a lot of fun and exciting activities to do in the area. That’s why it is no wonder that the number of tourist visits in the Caribbean region grew by almost 135% in the first quarter of 2022. In total, 6.8 million tourists visited the region this year, and tourism agencies expect the numbers to increase as more people start to travel again.

The Caribbean islands are some of the top destinations for many celebrities because of the wealth of luxury and private experiences available. However, you don’t have to be a big star to have a taste of luxury yourself. If you’re deciding to visit the wonderful islands of the Caribbean region soon, here are some luxury travel ideas to add to the itinerary:

Staycation at A Resort Paradise

Because the Caribbean is already one of the top travel destinations, there are various private island resorts, villa-based properties, and hotels that cater to visitors in the region. For example, Kamalame Cay on Andros Island is a private island resort that offers you various island activities to enjoy life in the Bahamas islands. Apart from its luxurious decor and amenities, the resort also offers nature activities like diving, fishing, and kayaking in the beautiful Bahama-blue waters. Moreover, they have beach picnics and classic cocktails at their tiki bar. It’s a spectacular travel destination if you want to experience the ideal Bahamas lifestyle right beside the sea.

Holiday Out On the Water

If you want to be closer to the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, having a holiday out on the water is the perfect travel experience for you. Various vacation boats offer accommodations that allow you to live life luxuriously on board while also enjoying the ocean breeze and the sound of nature. Explora Journeys Cruises allows you to appreciate the beauty of the Caribbean aboard the ship while you can also try out many enriching activities on deck. From thermal spas, wellbeing and fitness programs, and indoor and outdoor pool areas, you can guarantee that you’re mentally and physically rejuvenated after the vacation. Lastly, you can experience the culture and lifestyle of the Caribbean with the Creole culinary delights available onboard.

Island Hopping in the Caribbean

The proximity of the islands in the Caribbean regions makes them ideal for island hopping. From the island of Guadeloupe alone, there are multiple nearby islands that you can easily access by ferries, such as the island of Dominica, Martinique, St Lucia, Montserrat, St Kitts and Nevis, and Antigua and Barbuda. By moving from one island to another, you can easily experience the different things that the Caribbean has to offer. For example, you can hike and explore the rainforest in Guadeloupe. In Martinique, you can enjoy the stunning ivory-white beaches surrounding the island. Lastly, you can watch Sperm whales and Humpback whales surfacing in Dominica during the peak season.

Join Lively Local Festivals

The best way to have a true Caribbean experience is by experiencing their local culture. When visiting the Caribbean, you can join and listen to various local music festivals that showcase the life and culture of the people on the island. Some private resorts have music events where they invite native musicians to play live music for guests. Moreover, our previous article on life in Tobago shared how around 20,000 party goers visit Tobago for its annual jazz festival. Apart from lively local music, famous musicians like Ne-Yo, Fantasia, and Anthony Hamilton partake in the two-day celebration across the island. Although the islands of the Caribbean are far from the mainland, its music and rich culture are as vibrant as ever.

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