Set in the beautifully marked out Freemason’s Hall in the heart of Soho, with an industrial backdrop, Lunyee debuted their spring/summer 18 collection. The designers behind ‘Lunyee’ are non other than Saini Chan and Sophie Han who are known for their high quality fibres and highly professional production in each collection. This season though, their conceptual cuts, sharp asymmetry and acute aesthetic silenced the admirers as each model showcased their latest designs with a sort after emphasis on ring detail – does the punk aesthetic ring a bell. Think Celine – but sharper, each piece was a clear construction of their well known designs, inspired by nature and desire to reach into the wider side of surroundings, Lunyee proved that the concept of touch surrounding nature is still needed within our current climate. The colour story throughout the collection has set the tone for our spring/summer wardrobes, although muted with blacks and whites, the interest lay in the golden hues, baby blue vibes and bashings of red, all while seemingly put together through the use of silk and quality materials. The collection as reported “ responds to the role clothing and objects play in constructing our daily lives, elaborating on a series of new and unexpected forms of multi-functionality for everyday basics”, and with their adaption it is no wonder Lunyee were one of our favourites this season.

Photographer: Olivier Claisse

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