LU KALA Releases Heartfelt Ballad “Nothing But Love” to Kick Off 2024

Toronto-raised, LA-based pop sensation LU KALA has started the new year with a soul-stirring new single titled “Nothing But Love.” The rising star, recently honored with the Emerging Artist Of The Year Award at the Legacy Awards and recognized as one of VEVO’s #DSCVR Artists to Watch of 2024, is making waves with her emotional and authentic approach to music.

In a candid revelation, LU KALA shared the inspiration behind “Nothing But Love,” a song born out of the depths of the pandemic. The artist, who wrote the single on Zoom from her bedroom, expressed the challenges of moving on after a breakup and the complex emotions that linger when there’s still love for the person. The song delves into the difficulty of maturing and facing the reality that, despite a relationship’s end, there was once a genuine connection.

Reflecting on the profound personal journey that inspired the song, LU KALA revealed, “Nothing But Love is the most vulnerable song I’ve ever written. So much so that it took me 2 years to heal & finish writing it.” She hopes the song serves as a source of healing for others going through similar experiences, emphasizing her commitment to providing solace to the heartbroken.

LU KALA’s dedication to her craft is evident in the success of the teaser videos for “Nothing But Love,” which have collectively garnered over 5 million views on Instagram and TikTok. The artist’s ability to connect with hundreds of thousands of fans, as demonstrated by the 1.6 million views on a single TikTok video alone, underscores her growing influence in the music industry.

With “Nothing But Love,” LU KALA has not only showcased her musical prowess but has also bared her soul for the world to see. As she continues to captivate audiences and accumulate accolades, it’s clear that LU KALA is an artist on the rise, poised for a promising career in 2024 and beyond.

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