With a combination of on-point choreography, high-concept visuals and bold lyrics, Alice is one powerhouse. As a multi-faceted pop star, she’s here to shake things up and bring back the unruly, over-the-top side of pop that we know and love from the days of Michael Jackson. And thankfully, there is definitely a space for a new fearless pop star.

Nearing the end of a busy and exciting year for Alice, we managed to steal a moment of her time to talk everything pop, dance, and ex-boyfriends. After a caffeine-fuelled morning we joined Alice in hair and makeup, whilst she – in true pop star style – was having a full head of rollers put in.  “It has been a very busy year. I released my first ever songs! So, I have released three songs so far: “GIRLS X BOYS,” “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Hourglass.” I have also made three music videos to accompany the tracks which have been amazing to make. On top of that I’ve been doing a lot of shows; I kicked of Jessie J’s tour which was really fun, then I went on tour with MNEK, and also performed with  Professor Green at Electric Brixton. I had my first ever sold out headline show at Thousand Island in London; it’s this really cute venue with loads of disco balls hanging from the ceiling, so that was super fun.”

“I was in LA when “GIRLS X BOYS” came out and I was so nervous, but also so excited. For a starter track it was a really cool, dance-y pop track which was perfect for me.”

Body by House of CB; Tights by Agent Provocateur

It all started out at The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London where Alice has been performing since age 11. Since then it has been a whirlwind. Her latest devilishly pop track “Hourglass” is Alice’s third big release, and it does not disappoint. With punchy, autobiographical lyrics about a toxic ex-boyfriend, you can’t help but join in and passionately shout the chorus out loud. It’s a combination of emotive lyrics and pop beats that we haven’t heard sing Robyn released “Dancing On My Own.” The accompanying visuals directed by Favourite Colour Black capture her intense passion and fierce attitude. Shot in a single take, the dance-heavy video for “Hourglass” showcases Alice’s incredible dance talent as she loses control to the stormy lyrics. She shows us a Madonna slash Kylie Minogue dance-pop energy that hasn’t been seen in years.

“I am a very theatrical person.”

 “I recorded “Hourglass” with Mark Ralph, and I remember at the beginning of the session I said I wanted to do something with a throwback sample. I love a throwback sample; in “Heartbreak Hotel” the melody and the chorus is a sample from Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell.” So, from the very beginning of the recording process I knew I wanted to have a sample. Mark started playing The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” and from then on we knew we wanted to include it as a sample. I wanted to write about this boyfriend at the time who would always go off on benders and leave me for days on end wondering when he would come back, so I wanted to make a song about waiting for him. It’s all very autobiographical.”

Body by Aleksandra Seweryniak

“I am a very visual person, so always at the beginning of writing sessions I would have a visual idea of what the music video would look like. I love strong visuals and I love everything to be a bit theatrical. I am a very theatrical person. I have always been inspired by past artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Christina Aguilera. I adore those artists.”

“Getting one million views on the video was amazing. When I put the video out there the reaction was so amazing and people were really surprised that I did it in one take. It was exhausting but I just love the final product. It was an amazing feeling.”

“All my family are professional ballerinas so originally I was going to go down that route. But, when I was little I could also sing and act so I knew that I didn’t want to box myself in to just dancing. I also had major ADD so I found it super hard to concentrate in ballet classes. From age five I did all the other types of dance like modern jazz, hip hop, flamenco, tap, ballet and contemporary. After school I would also go to dance classes, every single day.”

“I was always singing, dancing or acting. After school I would either go to singing lessons, dance classes or to the rehearsal for a show. I did this every day.”

As an artist Alice is aiming high. Bored of the rigid modern pop landscape, she is here to bring back some Lady GaGa levels of sassy and unruly pop. Helping her along the way is will.i.am, whom she impressed so much after a one off meeting on a night out that he became her mentor, helping Alice pave the way to superstardom.

“Ultimately I would love my music to reach as many people as possible. I want to get out there more so people can hear me. I would also love to go on my own tour… that would be the ultimate goal; an arena tour would be insane. In terms of collaborations, I would always say the ultimate goal – dead or alive – would be Michael Jackson, because he is just the king of pop and an insane dancer. Beyoncé would also be a dream collaboration.”

Blazer by Matilda Aberg

“My next track comes out at the end of January and I’ve just recently shot the video. The vibe for the music video is really unexpected; you will hear the song and be like ‘no way… that is not the video’. The video has just really dramatized my lyrics and exaggerated every line. I love it.”

“I have pretty much a whole album ready now. So in the meantime I am just going to keep on releasing tracks, and when the album feels ready and feels needed, then I’ll release it. But, hopefully it will be released by the summer.”

We are so ready to see what Alice will do next.

Photographer: Niklas Haze

Stylist: Angelica Stenvinkel

MUA: Reve Ryu

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