As the crowd of young, well-dressed fashion lovers filled the modern catwalk space, the anticipation for Osman’s show became palpable.  The flashes of light of phone cameras from countless people taking selfies in front of the projected “OSMAN” banner on the runway was a visual homage of the anticipation of seeing a show which showcases Osman Yousefzada’ s ability to create dresses that are beautifully unique and constructed to flatter a woman’s body.  Osman Yousefzada, a central St. Martin’s graduate, sells his prestigious line, which debuted in 2007, in luxury retailers such as Matches online, selected Harvey Nichols stores, Browns, and others.

The show began with a floral silk midi dress, paired with fabulous patent leather green ankle boots.  The dress was unique in its cutting along the arms, which created interest and allowed the model to show some skin in an interesting way.  Other standout looks included loose-fitting suits, some printed and some monochrome, lace dresses, skirts and pants, jean jackets with added ruffles, and a leather midi dress with metal accents.  The crowd favourite, it seemed, was the show-closer; a long white lace dress with two embroidered red flowers, one of which rested on the model’s bosom, and the other which appeared on her lower back with a stem that extended down to her feet.  The fine craftsmanship on this dress was apparent, and the small details of lace and embroidery shone on the runway and generated cheers from a very pleased audience.  When the models walked together to present the line a final time, it was clear that although the pieces varied, there were certain themes that made it cohesive, such as lace, suits, sheer material, and floral prints.  

Stylistically, the models often delicate dresses were contrasted with heavy makeup, specifically on the eyes.  This combination created interest, and added an edge to the lace and floral.  The song which played as the models walked was an excellent choice.  It was sung by a very coquettish woman who giggled as she repeated “How do you say?” in a breathy voice as electro beats punctuated the model’s rhythm.  How do you say “cool”?  How do you say “edge”? How do you say “traditional with a twist”?  The answer, after watching yesterday’s runway, is Osman.

Photo by: Shaun James Cox

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