Set in the marble-clad venue of the Banking Hall in the heart of Central London, Alexandra Moura showcased her AW 17 collection, “Here and There” for London Fashion Week. As a leading Portuguese designer, Alexandra Moura draws inspiration from her ancestral origins of the Portuguese empire during the XVII century. Having previously recognized for her romanticized deconstructed silhouette, Moura holds true to this shape continues to resonate throughout her newest collection.

Moura, fascinated by distant cultures and identities, reimagines traditional fabrics and prints from Indonesia and Timor during the reign of the Portuguese empire for the AW 17 season. Some pieces take the form of jacquard sweaters with an added element of shredding to suggest a distant memory or a hint at a story behind each piece. The colour palette for the collection ranges from dark tones of browns and neutrals to soft light blues and surprising vibrant oranges, all coupled with accent golds.

Although a collection for the contemporary eye, Moura borrows subtle details from ethnic clothing which is demonstrated through intricate embroidery and craftsmanship in the garments and broad colour palette of the collection. Eye-catching jacquard dresses with lame and jersey and thick wool jackets are manipulated to create tweaked (or deconstructed) silhouettes resulting in pieces with bold shapes and volumes.

This season, Moura also collaborated with shoe designer Volca, to showcase a new shoe collection, as well as sportswear brand, Duffy, to develop their own take on the puffer jacket.

Moura was recognized with the Women Culture Creator’s Award in 2015 for her innovative and pioneering artistic work and cultural impact.

For more information on Alexandra Moura and to view the AW 17 collection, visit the website at

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