LA based pop artist Rosie Darling reveals her stunning debut EP “Coping”.

LA based pop upstart Rosie Darling announces herself in rare fashion today with the reveal of her stunning debut EP, Coping. Having racked up millions of streams and gained a following on the back on well received singles Heavy, Water Me Down and the EP lead track, the EP establishes Rosie Darling as a newcomer to watch in 2021. LIsten to the EP below. 

This EP represents a lifetime of writing, singing, and anything musical for me. “Coping” marks a point in my life where I’ve done a lot of inner work – I’ve discovered who I am as a person, what I want to say lyrically, and what kind of music I want to release. I took my time with these songs because I was growing a lot in my early 20s and still am! I needed time to process my growth and find a way to share my experiences through this EP. To me, each song represents a different concept or lesson I have personally experienced, and I’m thankful that I’ve been able to connect with like-minded creatives in this industry to help me craft them over these past few years! I’m excited to see how my songs resonate with people around the world, and also relieved that this part of me can live out there and serve as a reminder of my growth to everyone.

We are sold! Look out for more from Rosie, we hope, very soon! 

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