Kings Elliot releases “Bitter Tonic”

Swiss Born London based newbie Kings Elliot makes it three for three with the reveal of the stunning new single,’ Bitter Tonic’. Slow Burning left-pop with deep meaning, the track follows hotly received debut tracks ‘ I’m Getting Tired Of Me’ and ‘ Dancing Alone’, two tracks that set tongues wagging the world over. ‘Bitter Tonic’ is a poised, beautiful offering from someone we expect to hear much more from. On the track, Kings Elliot states:

Bitter Tonic’ is about self-sabotage, self-hatred, self-destruction… all the things I’ve always felt too uncomfortable to talk about. “The bitter tonic is mine” is the idea of desperately clinging onto my pain, defiantly refusing any help, because at my lowest it’s all I possess, all I have control over.”

Look out for more from Kings Elliot soon. 

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