With a warm, psychedelic sheen, euphoric and impassioned chorus, it’s perfectly produced pop track that will marks the start of the next chapter of the Joy Anonymous story. Stacked with emotion, “Get Over Me” keeps one foot on the dancefloor at the same as spreading his positive gospel whilst acknowledging the difficult choices everyone has to make. “Get Over Me” embraces joy and empowerment that comes from Joy Anonymous’ own experiences.

 Of the track, Henry (Joy Anonymous) says: 

“Get Over Me” is a song about relationships and although you might be right for each other, circumstances might cause your paths to part. It is a song that is meant to make you realise that you are living life no matter if it hurts, and that that hurt feeling is as much joy as the feeling of being with the one you love. Joy is about feeling everything you are meant to feel and not being scared of it. It is about saying I’m not ok but that’s ok. It’s about appreciating even having someone to care so much about. this is a theme that runs throughout all Joy Anonymous songs, big joys through the eyes of little ones.” 

Henry explains the idea behind Joy Anonymous:

 “Joy Anonymous comes from the idea of other such anonymous groups (AA, NA etc.) but instead of sharing difficult experiences it is addressing hardship in life through people’s ability to express JOY. After going to various Anonymous meetings I realised the most powerful moment for me was when people have the bravery and confidence to share with a group of people what they are going through both positively and negatively, and noticing the effect it has on the other people in the room. The reason why I want Joy Anonymous to have the same inclusive feeling as other anonymous groups is to let people feel like they are part of a community, because I feel that is missing today (particularly in the West). Without community we feel lost and like the world is against us. But if you start with the small steps of appreciating your feelings, you will always be part of Joy Anonymous.” 

Joy Anonymous will be bringing his live show to The Shacklewell Arms on 10th March. This follows live shows with Damon Albarn’s Africa Express project, as well as Primavera, Glastonbury, Bestival and more.

Joy Anonymous has put out some of the most intriguing and genre-bending music of the last eighteen months. In his Count Counsellor guise, he was responsible for the incredible Celine Dion Remix that was a huge hit with DJs across the world, catching the ear of the likes of Switch and hitting legendary music store Phonica’s Top 50 Singles of 2018. Listen HERE. The track was picked up and played variously by Joe Goddard (Hot Chip), Monki, Joy Orbison and more. Previous releases have been played by Annie Mac, Huw Stephens and Mistajam on BBC Radio 1.

 His production of South African popstar Toya DeLazy’s “Funani” and it’s incredible accompanying video which was premiered by Boiler Room. Watch it HEREThe two continue to work together and more releases are planned later this year.

After renowned producer Switch (Major Lazer) reached out directly to him, the two plan to collaborate of a worldwide musical project that will see them visit Chennai, Jamaica, Liberia and Cape Town this year to record with local artists.

 Further collaborations are coming in new ways. At the beginning of the year, Joy Anonymous opened a public Google Drive that allowed anyone to access his musical world and play around with stems and content.

This launched at the same time as the first instalment of the Joy Journal on Spotify. It’s an ongoing audio sketchbook that shines a light on the various musical moods of Joy Anonymous, and a new personal way of connecting with fans.



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