Jayden-The Journey So Far



Jayden. A young British Singer/ Song-writer who started off singing Covers, both Bollywood and popular western hits such as John Legends “All of Me”, Jay Sean’s “Down” & the famous “Friends” Hit Theme Tune “I’ll be there for you” has been busy working away in studios and on sets to create his own identity. Recently he has released 4 original pieces of work which has got him recognised by the BBC and had him recognised by the BBC introducing platform. His original records got him known to the British Asian audience and he is working hard to grow his fan base within this arena as well as attract the main stream audience. His original records such as “Breath Away”, “Let It all Go”, “Find Myself’ were all pop/urban records which his fans loved. He also recreated a famous Bollywood record “Sun Zara” and re made it adding his own flavour and identity which got him recognised by the biggest label in Bollywood “ T-SERIES”. Since being offered a record deal he has been quiet for some time working with his team which consists of Record Producer “Fire-Tiger”, Photographer “Jessica Rens”, stylist “Velisha” and not to mention he is currently mentoring a producer known as “Shivam”. The year 2016 is set to be a big year for Jayden as he will be releasing 3 singles under his new label T-Series. The singles are a mix of genres ranging from R&B Bollywood Fusion to Spanish style dance numbers. His forthcoming single will be released via T-Series and is called “Take My Hand” Be sure to look out for it and wish him well! You can find all of his current releases and covers via his website :

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