JAY1, the UK rap sensation, is back with his latest single ‘ASAP’

The new track showcases JAY1’s signature style, blending vibrant beats with razor-sharp lyricism, and marks a significant collaboration with his brother Neeshay. The song, produced by the dynamic duo Icy and Payday, was conceived and brought to life in a whirlwind 24-hour session in Copenhagen, capturing the raw energy and synergy between the artists.

‘ASAP’ is a testament to JAY1’s relentless work ethic and creative prowess. The song’s infectious rhythm and powerful lyrics reflect his journey and growth in the music industry, solidifying his position as a frontrunner in the UK rap scene. As JAY1 continues to evolve as an artist, ‘ASAP’ stands as a bold statement of his artistic vision and the exciting path ahead.

Can you tell us more about the creation process of ‘ASAP’? How did you and Neeshay come up with the concept for the song?

We were out in Copenhagen for some sessions. We got sent a beat from Icy and Payday, and within 24 hours, we recorded and filmed the music video for ‘ASAP’. I flew in my guy Olle from Sweden; he loved the song and was over within a few hours.

What was the inspiration behind the lyrics, especially the lines “Feeling too comfy boy, I ain’t laid back / If you wanna beef me then say that…”?

To be honest, I was just in my zone, feeling myself.

How did it feel to collaborate with your brother Neeshay on this track?

I feel like it was a long time coming. It’s a special moment, and I’m privileged to have collaborated with my older brother.

What unique elements do you think Neeshay brought to the song?

His flow, delivery, and cadence. It’s unique.

Were there any challenges or memorable moments during the studio session when you recorded ‘ASAP’?

No challenges; everything went smoothly. We were vibing and finished the song pretty quickly. Neeshay, the producers, and I all got along really well.

You mentioned working with PAYDAY & Icey on the beat. How did their production influence the final sound of ‘ASAP’?

Everything stems from the production. It was bouncy and easy to connect with. PAYDAY and Icey understand my vibe. We instantly connected with the song when we heard the beat.

Why did you choose a minimal backbeat for this track? How does it enhance the overall message and vibe of the song?

Less is more. The producers know my vibe.

Can you tell us about your early life and upbringing? What was it like growing up in North London?

Growing up in North London wasn’t easy. There were a lot of distractions, but I stayed in my lane because I knew who and what I wanted to be.

Looking back, how has your move from North London to Coventry in 2016 influenced your music and career?

The move was tough but necessary. I had a lot of friends I had to leave behind, but we still kept in touch and are good friends to this day. I joined a local football team and along the way started trying new things. Music was never really part of the plan, but the people around me at the time encouraged me to pursue it as they saw something in me that I didn’t believe was there, and here I am today.

How have your musical styles evolved from your early days as Young Jay to the international star you are today?

By my environment, trials, and tribulations. I’m still the same Jay, but I’ve definitely grown as a man.

With 3 UK Top 40’s and over half a billion streams, what do you consider the key factors behind your success?

Being honest, God, believing in myself, and my team. It takes a village!

Can you share some insights about your breakout hit ‘Your Mrs’ and how it changed the trajectory of your career?

‘Your Mrs’ was a massive turning point for me. It changed my life and those around me. I’m forever grateful for the song and what it has done. I still get a lot of love when I perform it years later.

Reflecting on your 2023 Australian tour, how was the experience performing for your fans down under?

Australia will forever have a special place in my heart. It was a pleasant surprise that the supporters knew the lyrics. It was a beautiful feeling to really know how far my music travels. As an artist, you dream of being a worldwide superstar, so to have the support from down under is an amazing feeling. I don’t take it lightly and hope to continue to grow in that territory.

Your recent singles like ‘Loose’, ‘Bella’, and ‘Mercedes’ have been incredibly successful. What do you think resonates most with your audience in these tracks?

My cadence, the beat choice, and the lyrics are playful and memorable. I kept it super easy for the consumer when writing; I don’t like to overcomplicate the process.

What kind of content ventures are you planning for this year?

I’m going to be stepping out of my comfort zone. Stay locked.

You’re featured in extensive press with The Edit LDN and have an upcoming photoshoot for House of Solo. How important are these media engagements for your brand and image?

It’s a new space I’m tapping into. I want to do more editorial pieces so that my supporters get a little bit more insight.

What do you aim to convey through these features and photoshoots?

I aim to show them a side they haven’t seen before.

Family seems to play a significant role in your music, as seen with your collaboration with Neeshay. How does your family influence your music and career choices?

Everything I do is for them, so I keep them in mind in every choice I make. They keep me motivated.

How do you balance maintaining your unique style while adapting to new musical trends and genres?

I try not to jump on trends. I make music that resonates with me. Trends come and go, and I want to keep recreating myself, not be part of a trend that won’t last.

What are your long-term goals as an artist? How do you see your music evolving in the next five years?

To be honest, I just want people to love and appreciate the music I’m making. I trust I will continue to rub shoulders with the greats. I’m so grateful I’ve managed to get this far, and I’ve got a lot locked in for the near future.

Your track ‘Respectfully’ marked a significant moment earlier this year. How does it differ from ‘ASAP’ in terms of theme and production?

I wore my heart on my sleeve on ‘Respectfully’. I had been dealing with a lot of personal things over the last two years, and I’m here to keep it real with my supporters. We all go through things. ‘ASAP’ is obviously very different, but we can go through things and get back to our normal selves, and that’s what I wanted to portray.

What was the reaction from your fans and critics to ‘Respectfully’?

Overall, it was positive. I feel like my supporters were shocked that I was going through so much. I felt the love on ‘Respectfully’. The song was very personal to me. We all go through things, and I’m happy I have an outlet to express the way I feel.

What can fans expect from your upcoming releases this year? Any exciting collaborations or genres you’re exploring?

A lot of diversity and forward-leaning sounds. I’ve been pushing myself in the studio.

How do you plan to keep your music fresh and engaging for your audience?

Staying in the studio and being creative with my team. Pushing the boundaries.

How do you stay connected with your fans and ensure their voices are heard in your music?

Being interactive on socials. I speak to my supporters daily via social media.

Any message you’d like to share with your fans as you release ‘ASAP’ and move forward in 2024?

Stay positive.

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