Jack Kane releases ‘Come To Terms’

A new artist to watch arrives today in Jack Kane, a 21 year old singer/songwriter who has blown us away withCome To Terms. A beautifully sparse, lovelorn ode to the dying embers of a fading relationship, the track sees Kane shine over sparse instrumentation, allowing his skyreaching tones to take centre stage. Speaking on the track, he states:

Come To Terms is about accepting that your relationship is coming to an end. It’s being able to understand that not everything is going to work out and that pit of your stomach feeling where you realise that maybe you aren’t right for somebody, but you still have so much love for them. It’s reasoning with yourself before you have ‘the talk’.

Having built over 100,000 followers on social media before the release of his first single, Jack Kane combines his talents as a multi-instrumentalist with his depth of musical knowledge to create tender, thoughtful left pop. With a six track EP due in early 2022, keep a close eye on Jack Kane over the coming months.

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