It’s Easy to love Bea Anderson

Easy is the debut single from soulful, London based singer-songwriter Bea Anderson, taken from her upcoming EP ’the eden project’, scheduled for release this Spring. Co-produced by Bea and Kinnship, Easy combines acoustic guitar with Bea’s smooth, melodious voice and simple yet smart lyrics; the result is something to listen to over and over again. “I believe in a pure, uncompromised love; not confined to conditions or self – a love that is just.. so.. easy.” Bea shares on the release.

The song’s elements echo these sentiments, with lyrics about a love that is fulfilling and uncomplicated. Soft, instrumentation matched with delicate harmonies demonstrate Bea’s musicality and talent for songwriting seamlessly. Whilst the video, directed by Aiden Harmitt-Williams showcases a certain vulnerability that comes hand-in-hand with love. A barefoot Bea is the embodiment of the openness required to flourish in any relationship, whether that be with oneself or someone else. 

Bea’s earliest experience of music came as a three-year-old when her Mum placed her in front of an audience and asked her to sing – it all unfolded from there. The Brit School graduate first discovered the depths of songwriting in her early teens and was quickly hooked. She found that making her own music was a way to bond her early experiences of Gospel with her passion for R&B groups like Destiny’s Child, Cherish and Boys II Men. 

Coming from a Caribbean heritage, Bea is keen to emphasise the diversity and range in the music of black women. “I don’t see why we need to be boxed in or generalised” she says, “Black Women and Women of Colour are exceptional, multi-faceted beings.”

Drawing influence from artists such as H.E.R., Lauryn Hill and Solange, her sound is chilled and fresh with Easy being the perfect introduction to her as an artist. 

Bea’s debut EP ‘the eden project’ will be released Spring 2021.

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