Interview with Grammy Award-winning duo Bob Moses

Grammy Award-winning duo Bob Moses has a rich discography with numerous accolades including award nominations and global press and radio praise. With an unwavering presence within the electronic indie sphere, their career has seen them win a Grammy award for ‘Tearing Me Up’, which was remixed by RAC. They’ve landed in the Top 15 US Alternative radio chart and have been nominated for the JUNO Award for their project ‘Desire’.

Their latest project ‘The Silence in Between’ is a transformative body of work and the album evokes deep emotions, processing personal life changes. The stellar project is both powerful and engaging from the offset. ‘The Silence in Between’ encompasses their unmistakable experimental electronic and pop sound. Alongside the album release, the duo collaborated with directors Adrian Villagomez and Derek Branscombe for the ‘Hanging On’ music video. In the run-up to the release Bob Moses also shared three gripping singles. This includes ‘Time and Time Again’, ‘Love Brand New’ and ‘Never Ending’, which was previously covered by House of Solo.

This month not only marks the release of their album, but they are also set to go on tour, which spans across destinations such as North America and Europe. Bob Moses has two European dates and they’ll perform in Amsterdam and London in November. In light of their new release and tour, we had a chat with the talented duo. 

‘The Silence in Between’ is a great body of work! Tell us about the premise behind the album and about the inception of the album and how it was formulated?

Thank you! The album was written during the pandemic lockdowns, which was a time of great uncertainty for us. We both felt a lot of fear and had a lot of questions about our future. Would we be able to tour again? Would our music careers continue? We also had a lot of time, for the first time in a long time, to think about our past and all that was happening in the world. We used all that as creative input for the album, and what was produced is our most honest work to date. The title came from the lyrics to the song ‘Believe’, which we felt was a great description of the silence in between the old world that we knew and whatever was going to emerge afterwards. 

The album explores what has been quite a transformative time faced with immense upheaval, how did that feed into the writing process of the project?

This was the core of the inspiration of the writing process. Through writing these songs we processed a lot of our fears, hopes and dreams. We tried to find the balance between fear and hope, and we wrote about how we felt when the world around us seemed to be crumbling. What we thought was reliable or true was being tested and shown to maybe not be so. The album takes the listener on a journey through these feelings, ultimately ending up in a place of hope and positivity. 

If you had to pick a track that meant the most to you from your latest album, what would you pick and why?

‘Love Brand New’ probably means the most to us now. It was written about the feeling of being newly in love and trying not to lose yourself as you feel as though you’re experiencing many things for the first time again. We feel like that was not only a beautiful sentiment to express in song, but also one that was pertinent to the times as we are coming out of lockdown and back into the world experiencing things anew that we haven’t for so long. 

To coincide with the album release you’ve also shared the visuals for ‘Hanging On’. What is the meaning behind the single and what was it like creating the video for it?

The video was shot in a freezing cold warehouse in Montreal with a great crew of friends. It was cold but really fun! With the visual, we wanted to create a simple, more classic video that featured the band playing the song live. The crowd dancing along is how we imagined the song when we made it, us playing it and everyone dancing and having a great time. The subtle story of the video expresses the intent of the song, which is that when everything around you is literally falling away, music and hope is what you have left to hang onto. That’s how we felt making this album and that is embodied perfectly in this song. 

It has been a decade since the formation of Bob Moses. What have been some of your biggest career highlights?

The best part of our career is the ability to make music that is meaningful to us and have fun playing it to great crowds all over the world. Whether it’s playing to a sold-out Red Rocks show in the US, or an ancient Cistern in Istanbul, there have been too many great live experiences to count. Getting to go to the Grammy’s and the Juno’s and being nominated for both (as well as a Grammy win for best remix), was pretty fun and a nice cherry on the cake. It’s also been great to meet and play alongside many of our musical idols, and to play some of the best festival stages in the world. There are too many great experiences to choose just one, and we are very grateful to have experienced them all. 

‘The Silence in Between’ is your third full length release in total. How has your sound evolved since your debut project?

Our sound has evolved through experimentation. We started writing music that worked mainly in the warehouse raves we were playing in Brooklyn, and eventually evolved through adding band members and live instrumentation as we started playing bigger stages and venues.  Those live experiences made their way back into the studio as influence and so we developed a more diverse sound on our third record, although we perhaps turned our backs on house music a bit too much. On this album we feel like we’ve focused ourselves a bit more, offering the best of our rock influence while also staying true to our deep house roots. 

You’ve had an impactful presence within the electronic scene. Who are some of your musical influences and what inspired you to create electronic music?

The list is too long but the top of it is occupied by bands that have struck a balance between writing great songs with meaningful lyrics while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of production. Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Tears for Fears, Nicolas Jaar, Weval, LCD Soundsystem, Underworld …the list is never ending but those are some of our favorites.  

After months of not being able to tour due to the pandemic, you are now finally set to go on a headline tour! How does it feel to be touring again? Also what parts of touring life are you looking forward to the most?

It feels so great to be back out on tour! Getting to travel and see so many places and see so many great people is so fun and we’ve missed it. Eating the local delicacies is always a priority for us, as well as getting into the whacky underbelly of the places we visit whenever possible. Also, being reunited with our band and crew, our ‘road family’ as we call them, is the best. Most of all though we are looking forward to seeing our fans and playing our new music and partying together! It’s gonna be a blast.  

Listen to the album here

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